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Happy Birthday Jacob! Plus 10 Gift Ideas For Guys

This year since we just moved to Vegas and all our close friends weren’t with us to celebrate my birthday, Jacob ended up making me this surprise video to remind me that I’m still loved. Today is Jacob’s birthday, and because Jacob grew up really close to all his cousins in Atlanta, we decided to take a road trip up to the closest cousin in Portland to celebrate. As we get older, we realize there are fewer things we want to buy. We’d much rather collect experiences and spend as much time with family and friends as possible.

I also cheated a bit and ended up buying this for him. It kind of counts as an experience too right? :)

Jacob here. Every year close friends and family ask me, “What do you want for your birthday?” And every year, I feel like that becomes harder and harder to answer. I know when I was younger I used to have a list of things I wanted, but nowadays that list is almost non-existent. Most of the time my response is, “Nothing! Let’s just hang out and grab a beer.” But I know that isn’t always helpful – especially when you really want to get someone a meaningful and thoughtful gift. So if you’re stumped, I’ve come up with a few things you can get your significant other for any occasion!

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5 Experiences To Get For Your Man: 

  1. Skydiving  – for the thrill seekers. Maybe even get practice Indoor Skydiving.
  2. ATV Sand Dune Ride– for the fun loving.
  3. Backpacking Trip – for the outdoorsy.
  4. All Day Brewery Tour Hopping – for the beer lover
  5. Road Trip. If you don’t want to do the driving, you can also book a Contiki Tour. Have you seen the one we did in New Zealand?

If you are still inclined to get a gift because gifts are your love language (like Esther)…
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5 Gift Ideas For Your Husband / Boyfriend / Dad / Bro / Man in Your Life:

  1. The Coolest – Something Useful
  2. Whiskey Glasses – Something Classy
  3. Osprey Exos – For the Outdoorsy
  4. Beer Brewing Starter Kit – For the Beer Lover
  5. Wii U – For the Big Kid

Were these gift ideas for guys helpful? What’s on your wish list? What are some creative gifts you’ve given you man?

xoxo estherJacob

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    1. I’ll have to check it out! Seriously, it’s so tough shopping for guys. I think Arthur actually had a subscription to that. Jacob is so frugal though.. he doesn’t like money spent on something if he doesn’t actually need/want it.

      1. Hsiao-Ting

        haha yea i know at least david is easy since he likes everything i get him :) well what’s great about bespoke post is that you get to choose which boxes you like so it’s not that bad.

  1. Leah Kate

    These are awesome ideas! And agreed with Nicole, the ladies would love most of these things too! Provided she’s a beer lover…like me!

  2. Happy Birthday to Jacob!! I’ve seen some of your posts on IG…looks like you guys are having a great time! P and I usually do trips for our birthday’s as well…though he usually cheats and buys me something too.

    1. haha I know it seems like cheating but it’s SO hard… even though I do value experiences over gifts.. I am generally a gift giver also.. It just doesn’t seem like a birthday if I don’t give him anything. :P

  3. Happy Birthday Jacob! I hope Esther buys you one of everything!! :)

    For Dan it’s concert tickets, live music is one of his absolute favorite things in life!

    1. Jacob needs to get a disqus account. haha I bought him ONE thing off both lists! :P well since we’re married.. it’s technically like we bought him two things. :)

    1. Yeah.. it looks so awesome!! Except the price is pretty steep.. but there’s so much that comes with the cooler.. it’s like buying 10 gadgets in one right? :)

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