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Starburst Sorbet Multipack Giveaway


Also, I wanted to say that this is my first sponsored post ever! This blog has been a random collection of thoughts, travelogues, etc. And just as we have gone through many life transitions, so has this blog. I’m so thankful and super stoked about the new opportunities opening up through this blog.

Since moving to Vegas, we are always looking for ways to cool down! Besides the pool, sitting in front of a fan, or escaping to a nice air conditioned movie theater or casino, we love finding cold snacks and desserts. When we found out that Starburst had created Sorbet Bars, we were excited to try them.

We picked up a few boxes and brought them poolside. Now everyone knows that the pink Starburst are the best, so it was an obvious choice for them to start with that flavor. They are squared bars so they feel like a giant Starburst and they have a good balance of sweet and tangy. They also have a softer, creamy texture as opposed to popsicles, but are still light and refreshing.

Starburst Ice Cream.Pin Starburst Popsicles.Pin Starburst Popsicle / Sorbet Bars.Pin Starburst Sorbet BarsPin

Where to get them:

  • They come in 2.6-ounce 4-Packs for $3.99 and 2.6-ounce singles for $1.49.
  • You can pick up 4-Pack boxes at Wal-Mart and local grocery stores or singles at local convenience stores.

In partnership with Starburst, we are also giving away a few boxes! If you win, we’ll send you a coupon that you can take to the store to redeem so that you can try them yourself. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Stay up to date on future flavors and other Starburst products by following them on twitter and facebook.

What cold snacks and desserts do you like to eat to cool you down?
xoxo esther
Linking up with Treat Yo Self and School of Life today. This is my gratitude post for week 45. 7 more weeks to go! Click the banner below to see other gratitude posts:
Week 45 First Sponsored Post with Starbursts.Pin
I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. Amanda Whitley

    my favorite flavor is strawberry

  2. 1froglegs

    My favorite is the strawberry banana tropical flavor.

  3. Darby


  4. Beverly H.

    my favorite flavor is strawberry!

  5. Laura

    oh, those looks super yummy! and perfect for the summer heat!

  6. Sarah

    Your dress is lovely, it’s no where near as warm here in Scotland just now as Vegas but I still love one of these in hope of cooling down

      1. Sarah

        There in the low 90’s which is bit of shock when no where has air con, it never normally gets above 75, but no where near as warm as Vegas :-)

  7. Jordan

    Love the dress Esther! You guys are so cute!

  8. Camesha

    These looks really good! It’s been so hot here, I bet this would be refreshing!

  9. Alfa Sengupta

    These look delicious! How did I not know these existed?!

  10. Karissa Ancell

    those look really good, yum!

  11. Deidre Emme

    These looks fantastic! My husband lovesssss Starbursts. This would be perf.

  12. Betsy Gettis

    these look yummy! my favorite startburst flavor is definitely strawberry, with lemon as a close second!

    1. Although the lemon starburst candy is not my fave.. I bet as a sorbet.. I would love it. I do love lemon gelato a lot!

  13. Ashley

    Gorgeous photos! These things are delicious!

  14. Soapie

    that first pic of you doesn’t look like you. since when did you become a model?! =P

    and the most important question of all is… since it’s sorbet does it mean it’s lactose free?! *hopeful*

    1. haha I’m practicing with my growth mentality!

      unfortunately it says skim milk in the ingredients. Even if you need a lactaid with it, you should still try it!

  15. Rebekah

    oh my gosh I love Starburst! In sorbet bar form though?? yummy!! Beautiful photos as always

  16. Kailei Pew

    Yum! I didn’t know that starburst started making sorbet! We will definitely have to try some!

  17. Hsiao-Ting

    Congrats on your first sponsored post and yum! Looks delicious!

  18. Erika

    You look so cute! And the way you introduced your first sponsored post is so adorable and I loved it! I feel like a lot of people try to gloss over the sponsored thing and act as if this is just an everyday post that they would do anyway, but your excitement just puts it out there (which we appreciate and trust more) and it made me more interested to read what you have to say in that respect!!! I hope you keep that sort of tone with any sponsored content; feels more authentic and likable! :)

    1. Thanks Erika! I always appreciate your thoughtful feedback. :) I also was wondering how this would come across. It’s so hard as a blogger, because you want to be able to earn a living so that you can dedicate eve more time into blogging.. yet you don’t want to be a sell out at the same time. I am super excited about sponsorship opportunities.. and I generally like everything laid out on the table too. No one wants to feel tricked. At the same time I just wonder by the 3, 4, 5.. etc.. if in general people tend to feel like you’ve sold out. I’m sure this is a common struggle with all bloggers.

      1. Erika

        I think it’s a struggle to work in content that isn’t just… what would come from the top of your head, even if the branding fits.

        I think what’s worked, at least from what I’ve seen is:
        + a high ratio of original content to sponsored content
        + authentic and transparent sponsorship in the blogger’s voice
        + partnerships that make sense and that the blogger would be using anyway

        I think just being upfront and saying why you’re working with brands and everything will really work and fit with your blog (like you’ve already done).

        I know of some other blogs that I really loved that have recently introduced sponsored content that leave a little bit of a sour taste in my mouth. I think they try to make it seem as if they would have written the post anyway… but hmm, just doesn’t translate.

        Anyway, monetizing is always tricky and involves experimentation. Still, I’m happy for you! :)

  19. Neely

    Oh man I need some

  20. Hima

    I had no idea these existed! So cool, and love your dress!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  21. Carly Anderson

    I had no idea that Starburst came out with sorbet bars! These look so yummy!

    1. I only recently found out too! :) I’m also a sucker for whenever familiar products I like come out with a variation or even new packaging haha

  22. Brooklyn

    Yummy! Congrats on your 1st sponsored post!

  23. Jessica Angeles

    OKAY miss supermodel! You look so cute and these are PERFECT for summer!

    1. Haha thanks girl! It felt super uncomfortable shooting these, but I guess it sometimes comes with blogging. :p

  24. Ktcyril

    Well, obviously the pink one is the best. THESE LOOK UH.MAZE.ING.

  25. Shipra Taneja

    Oh wow, I am going to have to get these stat! They sound delish! <3 I love strawberry Starbursts! :)

  26. Lauren

    YAY for 1st sponsored post! I had no idea they made sorbet bars, now I gotta get them :)

  27. Oh, your dress is adorable–and your hat! I can’t get away with wearing fedoras so I’m always jealous of ladies who can rock them, like you :)

    1. I just got the both of them for a shoot and figured why not wear it more often! :) I usually never wear hats either. Let me see you in one!!

  28. Sarah B

    Wow, I didn’t know these were even a thing! Will definitely have to seek these out. (The pink ones. Only the pink ones. :) )

  29. Cailin

    I’ve never tried this, but these look awesome! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. You’re so welcome! And thanks for stopping by and reading. These are brand new and I only recently heard about them too.

  30. Iris Zhou

    I’ve never heard of starbursts making a sorbet! I love the oranges, forever and always. :)

    1. Thanks girl!! :) I just got them for another photoshoot, so I figured I would use them as much as possible :D

  31. Ashley Bree Perez

    I love the cherry ones!!!! (:

  32. Breenah

    My favorites are pretty much any of the red and pink ones. Although, I really like the green ones too. And yes, I’m horrible about remembering what the actual flavors are.

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