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Year Round Capsule Wardrobe (RV Edition)

Finally, put together my capsule wardrobe!

Right now, we’re living in an Airstream, and closet space has never been more limited. This means every piece of clothing needs to be worn and versatile enough to mix and match into several outfits. It also means that if I buy something new, I let go of something old.

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Last Updated: October 19, 2022

In my previous capsule wardrobe projects, I separated out my “workout / outdoors” clothes. Now that we’re living on the road and an outdoor lifestyle has become part of our daily life, I can’t use that excuse anymore.



  1. Perfect Tee in white, black, and gray
  2. White V-Neck
  3. Off-white Silk Blouse
  4. Dark Gray V-Neck
  5. Chambray Shirt (similar)
  6. Sleeveless White Blouse (similar)
  7. Gray Stripe Long Sleeve (similar)
  8. Capilene Midlayer x 4 (Gray, White, Purple, Black)
  9. Collegiate Sweatshirt
  10. Racerbacks x2 (Black + Ballast Point Blue)


  1. Adventure Shorts in Sage
  2. All-weather Denim – it’s waterproof and great for exploring the city in the rain.
  3. Uniqlo Legging Pants x5 ( White, Gray, Orange, Purple) – I can never have enough of these! They’re so comfortable, I pretty much only wear these legging pants and keep having to buy them in different colors.
  4. Navy Heattech Legging Pants
  5. Gray Sailor Shorts
  6. Vegan Leather Shorts (similar)
  7. Navy Pointe Leggings
  8. Draw the Line Mermaid Leggings

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  1. Black Foundation Wrap Dress
  2. Blue T-shirt Dress
  3. Black Cozy Sweatshirt Dress
  4. Gray Kamala Convertible Dress / Skirt
  5. Red Romper (similar)
  6. Red Plaid Shirt Dress (similar)
  7. Kamala Henley Dress


  1. Denim Jacket
  2. Black Dolman Sleeve Cardigan Wrap
  3. Black Casual Every Day Jacket
  4. Sol Cool Summer Hoodie
  5. Black Nanopuff Jacket
  6. Red Nano Storm Jacket
  7. Black Asymmetrical Vegan Leather Jacket (in powder blue or similar in black)
  8. Yellow Cardigan (similar)


  1. Sseko Ribbon Sandals (Can wear them 20+ ways)
  2. Black Leather Crossover Sandals
  3. Superfeet Flip Flops
  4. Gold Converses
  5. Black Dior Mesh Pumps (similar)
  6. Tan Platform Wedges (old, similar)

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  1. Black Sunhat (Foldable and Travel Friendly)
  2. Yellow Beanie (with Cat Ears)
  3. Trucker Hat
  4. 5 Panel Camper Hat (similar)
  5. Sunglasses (Dior Sideral)
  6. Scarves x2 (Gray, Colorful Striped)
  7. Studded Elastic Belt (similar – not meant to be worn reversible, but I do it!)

SPECIALIZED (Hiking, Climbing, Scuba Diving, Etc)

  1. Snowbelle 3-in-1 Jacket – for snowboarding / skiing
  2. Vasque Hiking Boots (in Black / Damson)
  3. Superfeet Insoles
  4. Swim Suit (top & bottom)
  5. Alpine Pants
  6. Venga Rock Climbing Pants
  7. Aqualung Rash Guard


  1. Bras
  2. Underwear
  3. Socks
  4. Pajamas / Loungewear

So far, we’ve mostly experienced spring-to-summer weather except for a couple of snowy days. I’ll continue to update as the weather changes. Ideally, I want this to be a year-round capsule wardrobe. :)

Have you ever tried creating a capsule wardrobe? What are some essentials you feel like you need to buy for your capsule wardrobe?

This road trip is part of the Endless Caravan. Join us by going out on the road and using #EndlessCaravan.

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