Galapagos Safari Camp with Galapagos Tortoises – Campo Duro

Galapagos Safari Camp with Galapagos Tortoises – Campo Duro

After our volcano hike, we made a lunch stop at Campo Duro. It’s a Galapagos safari camp and a secluded, quaint farmland that focuses on eco-tourism and conservation located in the foothills of Sierra Negra. You can pitch your own tents, but if you want a glamping experience, they also have their own tents. You will also find an outdoor restaurant, sports areas, sustainable orchard gardens, and giant Galapagos tortoises roaming the land.

Galapagos Safari Camp - Campo Duro with Galapagos Tortoises.
Isabela Island Galapagos Ecolodge.
We got seated in the bar and restaurant area that was built under a giant mango tree.
Galapagos Safari Camp - Campo Duro.
Cana Manabita is the local sugar cane liquor in Ecuador. We treated ourselves to a shot after our hike.
Sugar Cane Liquor in Ecuador - at Campo Duro Galapagos Safari Camp.
Their food is grown there and prepared in a volcanic lava stone oven with guava wood that adds a special flavor.
Galapagos Safari Camp - Campo Duro.
Fresh Juice is always the best!! :) I wish the US had more places that served (affordable) fresh juice.
Galapagos Conservation and Safari Camp.Galapagos Safari Camp with Galapagos Tortoises.
NOM NOM NOM. While we were getting our grub on, so was one of the Darwin’s finches.
Darwin Finches - Galapagos Animals.
Campo Duro - Galapagos Safari Camp.
Galapagos Islands Ecuador.Galapagos Ecolodge.
Bananas Galapagos Islands Ecuador.
After our meal, we explored the giant tortoise preserve to get a glimpse of their habitat their as well as the farmland where all the food we ate came from. We probably could have asked about our chicken’s name and the family! :P
Giant Galapagos Tortoise - Galapagos Animals.
Giant Galapagos Tortoise Ecuador.
Campo Duro - Galapagos Safari Camp in Ecuador.

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What is your favorite local drink and from where?

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  1. this has actually helped for a school assignment, many thanks for all the very beautiful and high-resolution images!!

  2. I love your photos, they are absolutely stunning! Ecuador is beautiful, but just thinking about aguardiente makes me want to gag. My favorite drink is Peru’s pisco sour, hands-down!

    1. Thanks so much Leah! haha yeah, I wouldn’t say that it’s my favorite. :) We went to Peru and tried the pisco sour, but I don’t know if the place we were staying at made it correctly. We should have tried it at a proper bar! Maybe next time! :)

  3. I know! Why is fresh juice so expensive here?! Love your hat! I need a big brim hat! I used to have one in Boston but I think I donated it moving to the west coast since it wasn’t easy to pack :p

    1. I don’t know.. they always want to charge higher for healthy stuff in the US. did you read that book omnivore’s dilemma yet? maybe that’s part of the reason.

      i’ve been wearing that hat more often now that you mention it. we should try to look up on pinterest if we can make something like that.

      1. no … not yet! i need to!

        you want to make a hat??

    1. Thank you so much Elizabeth :) We just got back last night!

  4. This place looks and sounds so awesome!! How neat…I love the sign! I love getting to drive new drinks when we travel. We brought back from Maine this interesting liquor made from carrots, not my favorite per say but really unique.

    1. Me too! It’s so colorful and inviting. :) Ooh that does sound unique. It didn’t taste that great then? hahah. I would say that this sugar cane liquor was not a favorite of mine.. but we had to try it. We hear it’s a very cheap way to get drunk in Ecuador.

  5. Ooooh!
    Those colored tree roots are so cool!
    Great pictures!

    1. Thank you so much Britt! :) It really caught my eye as we entered the campgrounds.

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