Betty B Dearing Trail Hike at Coldwater Canyon Park

Over the year, we’ve really enjoyed hiking in Los Angeles, and the Betty B Dearing trail at Coldwater Canyon Park has been one that we’ve most frequented. It doesn’t seem as touristy as Runyon Canyon and the Griffith Park trails. There is also a connecting trail that goes to “the Rainforest” (will post on that later).

Photo guide of the Betty B Dearing Trail Hike at Coldwater Canyon Park:

My favorite photo is probably the failed selfie.

A few things we like to take on our day hikes:

Can you believe that it’s January and it’s still good hiking weather? Only in SoCal. I will miss it for sure since hiking is probably my favorite way to work out.

Do you enjoy hiking? How do you like to workout?

We’re doing 52 dates this year and this was number four. You can also see our other dates and local Los Angeles adventures if you click the banners below:

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  1. I will be in LA by myself, and wanted to hike shove trails. As a woman, are there any you suggest I not do alone?


    1. I think this spot is totally safe but I probably wouldn’t go hiking it at night by myself. I guess I wouldn’t really hike anywhere at night by myself though. Lmk if you end up checking it out Shelley! :)

  2. After hiking at Joshua Tree on New Year’s Day, I’m starting to enjoy hiking too! We went to Mt. Tam couple of weeks ago. Super nice! We’re so lucky to be living on the west coast to enjoy this nice weather although it’s been raining these past couple of days.

    1. yay! now we can go hiking together. :) where is mt. tam?

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