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Project 365 Photo a Day Challenge on Instagram – Complete! 3 Tips to Make it Through the Year

I have never been able to complete a 365 photo a day challenge until this past year. Not even a 365 on instagram even though I have my iPhone on me all the time. It is really challenging to find something to photograph every single day. My three previous attempts were total failures, but fourth time’s the charm, right?

I took on this 365 challenge to give myself more discipline, but also because I know that the more you are shooting, the more opportunities you are giving yourself to capture something amazing. I actually disagree with the following quote:

“Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst” by Henri Cartier-Bresson.

I think that some of my best photos were in my first 10,000, because I was keeping my eyes open to shoot anything and everything. I will admit the percentage of good to bad photos was less in comparison to today, but with maybe one out of a hundred, I found gold. I didn’t give myself so many limitations back then. These past couple years, I hardly took out my camera unless the stars happened to align. I wanted this photo a day project to open my eyes again and try to dig deeper for treasures.. even if it was just on my iphone. :)

My Project 365 Photo a Day Challenge on Instagram

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You can see the full versions here. I used instagram and vscocam for all minor edits and filters.

Just like writers get writer’s block, there are just going to be days where you feel uninspired to shoot.

Since this 365 on instagram did not come so easily, I wanted to share 3 tips on how to make it through the year:

  1. Just step outside – You’d be surprised how much inspiration you can get just by taking a few steps outside your door.
  2. Have a game plan and list out ideas for lazy and uninspired days. You can always find some at fatmumslim.
  3. Save things for days you know you won’t be leaving the house, whether it’s snail mail or something you bought.

These are also applicable not just with your iPhone, but you just have to force yourself to take your camera with you everywhere, which is what I’m trying to do at least once a week with my 52 photo outings a year.


One of my 13 in 2013 this year is to instagram something everyday.  One month down, and eleven more to go!

instagram a day for 2013. one month down, 11 more to go!Pin

Don’t forget to follow along on instagram.

What’s a creative project that you’re working on this year? Are you trying to shoot more photos?

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  1. shoutingchow

    Love your collage! Looks awesome! I should ask you how to do it :)

    I need to take more pics! With my blog hopefully I will :)

    1. esther julee

      Thanks.. I’ll show you how to do a simpler one, but don’t even bother with one like this.. Remember how I was working on it in the evening over skype?.. I was still working on it till 6AM. I think I seriously spent over 12 hours editing this.. So annoying, and I probably will not do it again. BUT I guess mostly bc I kept losing track of photos.

      You should take more pics! Why don’t you do your instagram a day again? And take out the time stamps!

      1. shoutingchow

        Haha ok sounds good. i like simpler ones :)

        yeah ok i guess i can restart my instagram a day again … i just don’t want to take pictures for the sake of taking pictures. does that make sense?

        1. esther julee

          use the tips! there’s always something special about each day. :)

          1. shoutingchow

            that’s true – i was going to mentioned your tips are useful for doing the 365 instagram

    1. esther julee

      haha i think fourth time’s the charm.. at least for me, but i hope you make it till the end of this year!! :)

  2. oh I love looking through these! I’m working on my #Nature365 project again and I am going to make myself finish (I only made it to April last month).

    1. esther julee

      Thanks! Ooh what’s that? :) You go outside and take photos of nature everyday? Sounds pretty interesting.

  3. i like looking through the photos and seeing our old memories. =) and also you have an affinity for bananas. banana sponges, regular bananas, and then ripe bananas in your cooking…. you must like bananas!

    1. esther julee

      i don’t like regular bananas and i don’t like eating them unless they are in banana pudding. :P but i like taking pictures of them bc they have a much more interesting shape than an apple! i like pineapples – which i’m allergic too.. but they’re my fave!

      1. really!!! i love bananas. i was just talking about it with my colleagues today, how khmer people must have an affinity for bananas because they eat them with everything. i like pineapples too but i dont know how to cut them. ~_~’;;

        1. esther julee

          pre-cut!! :) also, fresh pineapples are worse for my allergies. good thing i sent you plantains… those are KINDA LIKE bananas.

  4. carly

    This is amazing! I’ve heard so much of people doing these but have never seen anyone actually follow through and seeing all the pictures together is such a cool thing!

    1. esther julee

      Thanks so much! :) I announced it several times before and failed by month three. haha so I would never mention it again. oops! So glad I finally made it through a year. Think you might try it?

  5. Quinn

    Love this idea! I might start today!

    I take weekly photos of my daughter (and older daughter) for their first year and I have loved looking back at the past weeks… a year of different photos would be so fun!

    1. esther julee

      You should! :) It was honestly a pain somedays.. but now that I’m looking back on all the photos, I’m so glad I did it! It’d be so interesting to see how they grow and change over the year.

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