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Next 5 on Our Wanderlust List

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I feel like pinterest can be bad for me. Yes, it definitely can. I’m constantly looking at new places I want to go or new things I want to have. Things I never knew I wanted. Unlike the responsible pinners, I am a digital hoarder. Who knows.. they might come in handy one day. Am I right? :) Maybe not so much for style, recipes, and DIY projects, but when it comes to travel, the upside is that it opens my eyes to all that is out there. So many possibilities! And it inspires me to actually go…

Here’s the Recent Top 5 on Our Wanderlust List:

Wanderlust list: Iceland.Pin
Alaska on our wanderlust list.PinJuneau Alaska on our wanderlust listPin
Wanderlust list: GreecePin
Wanderlusting: AustraliaPinWanderlust List: AntarcticaPin

Iceland / Alaska / Greece / Australia / Antarctica.
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Not sure if it’s because it’s so hot in Vegas, but I noticed that most of them are places with colder climates. :) We hope to make them a reality in our near future!

What’s on your wanderlust list?

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Photo Credit: 2. Ron Niebrugge  6. Cecil Whitt. If anyone knows the others, please let me know!

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  1. Jordan

    Greece is definitely in the near future for me. I can hear it calling my name! Oh, oh! Also Morocco!

  2. Deidre Miller

    I am creating wanderlust lists too because it is SO hot here in Arizona.

  3. I’ve been to Alaska twice and it’s one of my favorite states! It’s so beautiful there. I hope you can make it out there some time soon :)

  4. Ashley

    LOVE these! I’m aching to go to Hawaii and Costa Rica!

    1. Right now it’s so hot in Vegas.. another hot climate doesn’t appeal to me.. but I’m sure come fall / winter.. I will definitely be switching back to tropical. haha I LOVE Hawaii! And I hear costa rica has the best ziplining!

  5. Laura

    oh my gosh, Alaska looks so dang cold! Or maybe that one’s still Iceland? Either way, these photos are all amazing.

    1. the first photo is iceland but that’s one of many landscapes they have there.. it’s not snowy all the time.. I think Alaska also has really nice summers too! I will have to find out for myself though. :)

  6. Rebekah

    Those look like beautiful places to visit! I really want to visit Greece one day too, and Scotland… Ireland… Italy… Hawaii… Thailand… Africa… everywhere really

  7. rochellebarlow

    My husband lived in Greece for a few years and loved it! The coast is beautiful, but the actual cities aren’t really that pretty, unless you’re looking at it from far away.

  8. Shipra Taneja

    Greece was always my #1 spot to visit – one day, I shall visit that beautiful country and eat LOTS and LOTS of food! <3

  9. Camesha

    Greece has been on my list forever! I can’t wait to get there!

    1. Same here! I’m always envious when I see photos that my friends take when they visit. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who hasn’t been there!

  10. Neely

    Greece is on our list too!

  11. Lauren

    Ernie and I want to explore Australia too!! SO much to see down under!

    1. We now have some friends in Melbourne.. and I feel like we’ve been telling them we would visit for over a year now. We need to make it happen soon! :) Do you guys dive? I would really love to do the great barrier reef, but i’m not certified.. and i’m still getting over my fear of snorkeling too.

  12. Christen

    I love the traveling you guys do. I so wish I could travel!!

  13. Chelsea

    Iceland, Greece and Alaska are all on my list too! I don’t think I’d survive in the Antarctic hahahah.

  14. Jenn

    gorgeous places! would love to visit some of those too!

  15. Betsy Gettis

    this is awesome! beautiful pics…have you heard about the blue lagoon in iceland? that’s definitely on my list!

    1. I’ve seen photos of it on pinterest!! Iceland has so many amazing places. I feel like I would need to spend a month or two there!

  16. Joelle Duff

    Love this! I would love to go to any of these places – I’ll be honest, Iceland and Alaska have never actually been on my list! They’re beautiful though, and I would visit in a heartbeat, if I could!

    1. I feel like they definitely were never on my list before.. but someone told me that Iceland is not how everyone pictures it. It’s very similar to New Zealand and has many different landscapes. He also thinks someone named it Iceland so that they could keep it a secret and not many people would want to visit because they think it’s all full of ice – but that’s Greenland people are thinking of. :)

  17. Amber

    I wanna visit these places now too!!!!

  18. songbirdsandbuttons

    Gorgeous! I don’t blame you for wanting to visit those places!

    1. These places are so photogenic! :) I know there are already tons of photos of them already.. but I just want to experience them for myself and take my own anyways!

  19. Selbe

    All those locations are beautiful! They just got added to my wanderlust list as well!

    1. The only place on your list I’ve been on your list is Italy.. and I loved it. It’s definitely somewhere I would go back over and over again if I could!

  20. Nancy

    I can’t get sucked into Pinterest because I know hours and hours will fly by. I’m bad like that. As for what’s on my wanderlust… tons of places. Germany, Italy, Paris, Australia, Japan, Fiji, … all kinds.

    1. It really can be a time suck.. haha but I find a lot of times I’m either there or on another form of social media.. so out of all of them i prefer pinterest :)

  21. Hsiao-Ting

    Pictures look gorgeous! There’s too many places I want to go :p

      1. Hsiao-Ting

        haha i know what you mean … i guess that’s why i hate keep a list of places i want to go since there’s so many and it seems like a never-ending list …

  22. MsTraveltipsy

    Great places, seen some of it but wante to see it all :) Iceland is great, so is Australia (only been to Cairns, Sydney and Melobourne though), Been to a few islands in Greece but I would love to go island hopping.

    1. I feel like Greece is one of those places I could go back to often. Who knows though.. we haven’t been yet. :) We have friends in Melbourne and have kept telling ourselves we need to go!

  23. Mar

    Go to Alaska! We lived there for 3 years and it is one of my favourite places on Earth!

  24. Gina Alyse

    These all look amazing! I would love to visit Alaska and Australia! Greece is simply amazing and I would highly recommend it! :)

    1. I know! I love all the photos.. they make me want to go so bad! :) Which Islands did you go to? Any memorable restaurants?

  25. Yes, I hoard all the potential places that I might visit :) You just never know so you better be ready to go if you get the opportunity :)

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