Summer Travel Tips – 7 Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Summer is here, which means it’s time for you to take a vacation! ;) No matter where you’re headed or what you have planned, if you’re not prepared, a potential amazing vacation can take a turn for the worst. Here are our summer travel tips to help you learn from our mistakes. We hope you have an amazing summer!

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1. Stay hydrated

This always seems obvious, but when we’re out and about, it’s so easy for us to forget to drink enough water. PRO-TIP: If you carry a collapsible soft bottle, it makes carrying around water easier, since it can pack away into a pocket. Also, keep in mind that if you’re in a dryer climate than you’re used to, you’ll need to drink more water!

2. Keep snacks on hand

You never know what situation you’ll get into that will cause you delays. If you’re anything like us, we don’t function well when we’re hangry! If we know we’ll be out all day, we always try to pack snacks. It’s always a relief to find them in our packs especially when we get lost on hikes. Lately, we also love drinking Soylents, which is basically a meal in a bottle. It packs in all the nutrients you need in 400 kcal without the excess unhealthy parts of meals, and it tastes like cheerios and soy milk. (P.S. if you’re interested in checking it out, use this link to get 50% of your first order).

3. Always Apply and REAPPLY Sunblock

One of the most common injuries with any outdoor activity is getting sunburnt! We’re usually great about applying beforehand, but we’ll admit that we sometimes get lazy about stopping mid-activity to reapply. We’ve learned the hard way one too many times that a bad burn can really ruin the rest of your trip if you’re having to hide from the sun. Most sunblocks tell you to reapply every couple hours, but if you’re swimming or sweating, you have to reapply even more frequently. While you’re at it, it’s also great to use coral safe sunscreen so that you’re not damaging the environment or the marine life when swimming. This is one that we currently use.

4. Always dress in layers to be prepared for any weather.

Even if you’re traveling in the summer, the temperatures can drop at night. Even if the outside temperature stays consistent, there are a lot of indoor spots you might visit that pump their AC. Usually, if we run into these situations, Jacob ends up giving me his jacket and he ends up being cold (great husband, right?). Now we both try our best to take at least one extra layer. These have always come in handy, and we both have a few in different colors and varying weights.

5. Take Vitamin C

For our day to day, we love taking our gummy multi-vitamins almost as much as we love our candy! :D But when we know we’ll be in a crowded place or trapped on an airplane with sick passengers, we take Vitamin C to give our immune systems an extra boost. No more getting sick after every trip!

6. Carry Hand Sanitizer or Baby Wipes

I may be a bit OCD, but carrying hand sanitizer and baby wipes have come in handy for us on so many occasions. Sometimes we’re in camping bathrooms that have no soap. Or sometimes you’re out and need to quickly clean something off.

7. Prevent Unwanted Hitchhikers

Whether you are staying at a hotel, hostel, or temporarily renting an apartment, don’t get caught with unwanted hitchhikers! The Raid® Bed Bug Detector & Trap is a way to detect the presence of bed bugs early on. Esther and I have talked about bed bugs multiple times because we get paranoid whenever we feel itchy. Neither of us know much about what bed bugs look like or what to do if we were to find them. We were really curious to see how this worked!

On our most recent stay at a casino hotel and a standard chain hotel, we placed these on our cushions, near the foot of the bed, near the headboard, and between the mattresses. Luckily, we didn’t find any bed bugs in our hotels, but never know when you will! In this case, early detection is key to bringing home a costly infestation.

Here’s what we learned about bed bugs:

  • While you might think more about pests during summer travel, these bugs bite all year round. Whether it’s a summer vacation or a winter getaway, keep an eye out for bed bugs!
  • Bed bugs require human or animal blood – at each life stage they must bite their “host” for blood to survive.
  • Bed bugs hide in the darkest places they can find that are still near the host. Common hiding spots include seams of a mattress, untreated wood, box springs, and the corners of the bed frame. You can also find them in electrical outlets, picture frames, and desk chairs.
  • According to a recent survey by Raid®, more than half of Americans living in urban areas have experienced a bed bug infestation or know someone who has; however, more than half of urbanites do not regularly check for bed bugs in their houses.
  • 54 percent of Americans believe bed bugs live in primarily warm climates, but bed bugs are not a climate-specific problem. Urban areas are more susceptible because travel and apartment living can spread them.
  • Three out of four Millennials check the bed or mattress for bed bugs while traveling, but only 37 percent check the headboard!

Check out more from the bug experts on the Raid® website, twitter, and youtube channel.

Where are you going this summer?
Can you think of any other summer-specific travel tips?
Have you or has anyone you know experienced a bed bug infestation?

Thanks Raid® for sponsoring this post. All opinions, photos, text are our own.
Thank you for supporting the brands that make Local Adventurer possible.


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