Roos n More Zoo in Las Vegas >> An Exotic Petting Zoo Part IPin

Roos n More Zoo in Las Vegas >> An Exotic Petting Zoo Part I

I can’t stop oohing and awwwing over these photos! We had such an amazing time at Roos n More Zoo, which is an hour drive outside Las Vegas. We got to hold and cuddle with so many exotic animals and took so many photos that we need to break them up into part 1 and part 2!

Roos n More Zoo in Las Vegas NV.Pin
Exotic Petting Zoo.PinRoos-n-more exotic petting zoo.Pin

Roos n More Zoo is a privately owned non-profit educational zoo started by two vets who had never originally set out to open a zoo. They took a medical leave of absence and moved to Moapa to house their pet camel and kangaroos. It was when more people started asking to visit the animals and schools were requesting the animals to educate the children that they started taking the steps necessary to open a zoo.

Now they have close to 400 animals including birds and reptiles. The most popular animals are the monkeys, otters, kangaroos, and African cats, like the caracal and serval.

These guys below are capybaras, the largest rodents in the world. I wish I had something to show for size comparison, but they can grow up to 4.40 ft (134 cm) in length and weigh up to 146 lb (66 kg)!
Capybara Pictures from Roos-n-More Zoo in Moapa.Pin
Roos-n-More Zoo Las Vegas NV.Pin
Raccoon in Zoo near Las Vegas.PinOwl at Roos-n-More Zoo Las Vegas.Pin
Owl at one of the zoos near Las Vegas.Pin

I just loved this sweet albino kangaroo. She was one of my favorites.
Albino Kangaroo at Roos n More Zoo in Las Vegas NV.Pin
Grey Kangaroo at Roos and More Zoo near Las Vegas.PinAlbino Kangaroo at Roos n More Las Vegas.Pin
Albino Kangaroo at Exotic Animal Petting Zoo.Pin
Party Room at Roos n More Zoo Moapa NV.Pin
Porcupine at Roos-n-More Mobile Petting Zoo.Pin
Patagonian Mara // Animals in Las Vegas Exotic Petting Zoo.PinPatagonian Mara // Animals in Las Vegas Exotic Petting Zoo.Pin
Photos of Chevrotain or Mouse-deer.Pin

This Cape porcupine was more a fan of Jacob than she was of me. Guess you can’t win them all over. ;)
African Brush-tailed Porcupine.Pin
African Brush-Tailed Porcupine at Roos and More Zoo Near Las Vegas.Pin
Emu Bird // Las Vegas Animals in Private Zoo.PinExotic Petting Zoo in Las Vegas.Pin
Exotic Animal Petting Zoo.Pin
Kookaburra Bird.Pin
Kookaburra Pictures at Roos n More Las Vegas.PinPetting a Patagonian Mara at Roos n More Zoo Moapa NV.Pin
Roos n More Zoo in Las Vegas NV.Pin

This was such a unique zoo experience and is one of the few interactive zoos around. You can actually play with lots of animals you may have never known existed! They also hold private tours and private parties on location or can also transport up to 5 animals to your party. I can’t wait for my next birthday! :D

They are currently closed to the public but are planning to reopen in January. Follow them on facebook or sign up for their newsletter for updates.

Be sure to check back next week to see more photos of the African cats, Asian sea otters, the baby monkey room, and more. I can barely wait to post em!

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Have you been somewhere like Roos n More Zoo?
What animal would you want to meet most?


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