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Jumping off the Stratosphere with SkyJump Las Vegas

One of the iconic attractions in Las Vegas is the Stratosphere, but not everyone knows that you can jump off of it! Yep! You can take an elevator up 108 floors, “walk the plank”, and make a leap of faith.

I’ve done bungee jumping before in New Zealand, but somehow SkyJump Las Vegas was even more terrifying. The hardest part was walking up to the ledge and staring down at my 855 foot fall / doom. My knees were buckling under me. Neither of us do well with heights, but somehow my stubborn attitude about wanting to experience anything and everything brought me to the top of the Stratosphere.

Can you see how terrified I am? I tried to smile for the camera! You’ll definitely see the fear in the video..

Jumping off the Stratosphere with SkyJump Las Vegas!Pin
photo courtesy of SkyJump Las Vegas.

Jump off the Stratosphere Las Vegas.PinThe Stratosphere Las Vegas Reviews.Pin
Jumping off the Stratosphere with Skyjump Las Vegas.Pin
Jumping off the Stratosphere with Sky Jump Las Vegas.PinJump off the Stratosphere with SkyJump Las Vegas.Pin

After the initial gut wrenching feeling of stepping off the ledge, it was a fun ride down! You really feel like you’re flying, and the sensation was very similar to those giant swings that you see at theme parks. Right before you get near the ground, the harness slows you down and they unhook at the bottom.

Stratosphere Sky Jump Las Vegas.Pin
Jumping off the Stratosphere with SkyJump Las Vegas.PinSkyJump Las Vegas (Stratosphere Las Vegas Rides).Pin
Las Vegas Sky Jump Stratosphere.Pin

This is where your friends and family can lay back in the recliners to watch you jump.

Las Vegas Stratosphere Rides.PinJump off the Stratosphere with SkyJump Las Vegas.Pin
Here’s a highlight reel of my experience:

My legs were still shaking from the memory of being on the ledge. The fear didn’t wear off for another couple hours, but I did it!

SkyJump Las Vegas
2000 South Las Vegas Boulevard
Las Vegas NV 89107




  • Don’t wear any watches, hairpins, or loose jewelry or be prepared to take them off before the jump. They do provide a locker for you to store all your belongings.
  • With the SkyJump ticket, you have access to the Tower afterwards and up to 4 discounted tickets for friends and family ($7 as opposed to $20)
  • Don’t forget to bring your ID if you’re a Nevada resident to get a local discount.

What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?
Would you dare try SkyJump? ;)

xoxo estherJacob

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  1. George

    Sky Jump ride is one of those things that you have to do at least once. When you get to the bottom, high-five everyone you see because chances are they think you’re crazy.
    Don’t think about and just buy your ticket. You’ll soon realize that leaping off a huge tower on the Las Vegas strip is exactly what you want to do.

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