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What’s the Most Ideal Food For Camping? Find Out Here + Giveaway

We’re always looking for delicious dehydrated food to take camping / backpacking when we just need a quick and easy meal. When we heard about Good To-Go, we were eager to try it out! Fun Fact: We later learned that the founder beat Mario Batali on Food Network’s Iron Chef.

We brought the Thai Curry and Smoked Three Bean Chili with us on our hike to The Narrows. We dug into them that first day and could see that they put a lot of love and care into their recipes.

Good to Go Food Review - Food to Take Camping.Pin
Good to Go Food Review >> Food to Take Camping.Pin
Good to Go Food Review >> Food to Take Camping / Good Backpacking Food.Pin

Also, on one of our busy work days, Esther and I were too lazy to make lunch so we decided to dig into our last Good To-Go: Herbed Mushroom Risotto. This one was my favorite of the three that we had, but I think I’m partial to mushroom and any form of pasta! They also have a Classic Marinara with Penne that we need to try. After trying the food on the trail and at home, here are our pros and cons:


  • healthier and made with fresh ingredients and no preservatives
  • unique flavors that you won’t find in other dehydrated food
  • great balance of energy and
  • great design and packaging


  • longer cook time (20 min)
  • limited to only 4 different flavors at this time
  • although it packs flat, there aren’t vacuum sealed options like some of the other brands that pack even smaller


In the future, we’ll bring Good To-Go food with us when we’re car camping or when we know that we’ll have plenty of time during our hikes. We are slow hikers especially with Esther stopping to take so many photos, so it doesn’t leave us too much time for meals. For backpacking trips where we want to keep moving, we’ll probably stick with our Mountain House which cooks in 8-10 minutes versus 20. But if it’s more important to you that you have healthier ingredients and no preservatives, Good To-Go might be a better option for you.

We’d love for you to let us know your thoughts, so we’re giving away all three flavors for you to try!

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What’s your fave food to take camping / backpacking?
What’s a home meal you wish you could take with you?
What’s important to you when it comes to backpacking / camping foods?

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