How to Make Strawberry Roses | A Fruit Bouquet DIYPin

How to Make Strawberry Roses | A Fruit Bouquet DIY

I know we’ve never kept up with any anniversary traditions in the past, but I’ve always liked the idea of them. I figured why not start this year? The traditional anniversary gift for four years of marriage is fruit or flowers. I wanted to do both, not either or, so this year instead of ordering an edible arrangement, I decided to try my hand in learning how to make strawberry roses!

How to make strawberry roses.Pin
How to make strawberry roses.How to make a strawberry rose bouquet / 4 year anniversary traditional gift.Pin
How to make strawberry roses | Fruit Bouquet DIY.Pin
How to make edible creations - strawberry rose bouquet.PinHow to make edible creations - strawberry rose bouquet.PinHow to make fruit bouquet - strawberry roses.Pin
Fruit Bouquet DIY - How to make strawberry roses.PinHow to make a fruit bouquet - Strawberry roses.Pin
How to make strawberry roses / Edible Creations.Pin

How do you like how they turned out? :) Jacob really enjoyed eating them!

At the beginning, I made lots of mistakes, which meant eating lots of strawberries (fine by me!). This was super simple, and the more I made, the more I started improvising. I love how every rose is not the same, so sometimes I would make them a bit asymmetric. :)

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A few tips on how to make strawberry roses:

  • Be careful not to slice all the way to the bottom or they will be flappy and sometimes fall off!
  • I start slicing four petals near the bottom, but sometimes as I got to the top I did 3 or 2 petals depending on the size of the strawberry.
  • If you don’t like strawberries, try making a pineapple fruit bouquet.

The modern anniversary gift for year four is appliances, and I’ve still been asking Jacob for a Vitamix ever since our blender broke. We shall see! ;) If you want to see the full list of traditional and modern anniversary gifts, see them here.

Have you tried any of the traditional / modern anniversary traditions?

xoxo esther

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  1. I loved it! My girls from office also! For my next arrangement I found very inspiring these type of bouquets: I am thinking right now how to mix these two different styles. Any ideas?

    1. That looks amazing!! I’m sure you can mix them together depending on what color scheme you want. :)

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