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Grayl Water Bottle – The Holy Grail of Water Filters

*UPDATE* They have since released a brand new Ultralight design. Same amazing tech, but better build for being on the go. Check it out here.

Since we travel and hike regularly, one thing that we constantly think about is finding clean drinking water. Whether it’s out on the trail or in a different country, there are plenty of places we need to filter water. Did you know that in some countries you can’t even trust the water bottles? They refill bottles with tap and melt the caps back on.

While flipping through a travel magazine, we discovered GRAYL (like the Holy Grail) Water Filtration Cup. There isn’t another product out on the market that does what the GRAYL does. All you have to do is fill the outer cup, then press the inner cup down into the outer cup (think French press). Once you’re done, you have clean drinking water! You don’t have to worry about pumping, squeezing, sucking, or waiting on a gravity filter.

Grayl - The Holy Grail of Water Filtration.
Best Travel Gear - Grayl Water Filter.GRAYL - The Holy Grail of Water Filtration on the Go.

So far, we’ve loved bringing this with us. It’s perfect for traveling, because you can use it like a regular water bottle and still have the filtration system handy. We have yet to take it out on a longer backpacking trip, but we’re definitely excited to do it soon. We’ll be sure to keep you updated!

Grayl - The Holy Grail of Water Filtration on the Go.
GRAYL - The Holy Grail of Water Filtration on the Go.

They have three different filter levels for the GRAYL:

  1. Tap (Blue) takes about 7 seconds to press. It’s for everyday use, and it filters chemicals & heavy metals. If you’re picky about taste & smell, it improves that too.
  2. Trail (Green) takes about 15 seconds to press. Mostly used for the outdoors, it filters chemicals, heavy metals, protozoa, & bacteria.
  3. Travel (Red) takes 30 seconds to press. This filters chemicals, heavy metals, protozoa, bacteria & viruses. It’s by far the cleanest filter.

All three filters last about 300 uses or 40 gallons.

You should check out this video where they filter toilet water to drink and even turn cola clear!

Pretty frickin’ amazing! I’m tempted to try turning my diet coke clear. What do you think? Should we try this at home? I hope that means we can still get 300 uses out of it afterwards. :D

You can get the GRAYL on amazon. Different filters are sold separately.

What water filtration systems have you tried while traveling / hiking?
How do you usually deal with finding safe water when you travel?

xoxo estherJacob

Thank you GRAYL for sending us this water filter after Jacob begged for one!
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