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Gratitudes for Week 40 | Our Apartment Complex

This week I’m keeping my gratitude as short and sweet as possible. I’m trying to get a little ahead since we’ll be in LA for 8 days starting this Friday for two conferences. Jacob’s speaking at the Jubilee Project Conference, and we’re hanging out by the Thirst Project dunk tank at Vidcon. Find us there!

This week I wanted to highlight how much I’ve liked living in our apartment complex. I’m not sure if this is common among apartments, but they do a good job of making sure all the tenants feel appreciated with special events throughout the year. We got snow cones this week! :)

Gratitudes this week include our snow cone day at our apartment complex | Resident Appreciation Ideas.Pin

For Valentine’s Day, they handed out cupcakes at the gate as we drove in telling us it was resident appreciation day.

Resident Appreciation Ideas and Gratitudes for Week 40.Pin

We don’t like walking  on the sidewalk, because it takes us three times as long and usually cut through the rocks to get straight to our front door. One day I came home to find this:

Gratitudes for Week 40.Pin

I think the maintenance guy noticed that we were cutting through and made a little pathway for us. So nice of him! They’re also super responsive and quick about getting things fixed for us as well. haha I should work here! It’s the little things that go a long way. I’m thankful for everyone who works at the complex to keep things running.

Other gratitudes for the week:

  • Been seeing decent improvement in piano. I’m on page 4 of this and I’m excited! 8 more pages to go..
  • Got back from camping in Sequoia and saw the three largest trees in the world! That’s pretty mindblowing.
  • I found a fitbit at the REI used sale for $21 and was pretty much brand new. Wanna be pals?
  • Got to shoot an AR-15 for the first time in the desert. That was fun. *crazy eyes*
  • Started a new link up a couple weeks ago, and people are actually linking up. :) Yay! Thanks ya’ll!

How has your week been? What’s on your plate?

This is week 40 of practicing gratitude. 12 more weeks left! Click the banner below to see other gratitude posts:
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  1. Hsiao-Ting

    Man I love your apartment complex. They’re pretty awesome. I never lived at a place that was this friendly!

  2. Erika

    OOOOH, snowcones!! And that’s so awesome to live at an apartment complex that’s so well managed and that tries to create community and a good spirit between the people who live there. Those are such “small” things, but they are great surprises that can really make someone’s day! YAY!

  3. Monica

    Yay for snow cones + cupcakes! :)

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