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DIY Morning Sickness Care Package

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One of my girlfriends back home is having her second kid, and she has the worst case of morning sickness I have ever heard of. It’s so bad that it could scare just about anyone from having kids. I’m scared! It’s been really rough for her, so while we were visiting Atlanta, we decided to put together a care package to cheer her up.

Morning Sickness Care Package / How to Ease Morning Sickness.

What we included in our Morning Sickness Care Package:

  • Preggie Pops is a natural, drug free way to ease morning sickness. All the moms swear by these. I got her the lollipop version, but in hindsight I think the drops might be better. It’s easier to hide at work or from your kids who think you’re eating candy all the time!
  • Travel Sized Mouthwash to carry in a purse.
  • Wet Wipes for on the go.
  • Gummy B6 Vitamins – Studies show that B6 can improve nausea, though not vomiting. Note: pills can make you gag, so get the gummies!
  • Fizzy Drink to settle the stomach.
  • Chocolate! I’m sure this depends on the mama and how their hormones have changed their tastes. Generally speaking, chocolate makes everyone happier, right? :)
  • Something for the Baby – I got him / her a bib that said “awesome like my aunt.”
  • Gas Card for the dad to make last minute runs to the store.

Other Things You Can Include:

  • Ginger Everything (crystalized ginger, candy, ginger ale) – My friend doesn’t like the taste of ginger, but for those who don’t mind, ginger has been used for centuries to alleviate nausea.
  • Bland Snacks like popcorn, saltines, or pretzels
  • Book or Magazine for long days at home
  • Peppermint or Lemon Hand Lotion
  • Acupressure Bands (note the one for mamas are more expensive and a pretty pink, but I’m guessing they’re the same as the regular & cheaper seasickness bands)
  • Aromatherapy / Essential Oils
  • Breath Mints or Minty Gum
  • Barf Bags for the car
  • Prenatal Vitamin Gummies
  • Pregnancy Journal to record milestones

We thought that the Share A Coke campaign would be perfect to add an extra personalized touch for her care package. Sadly we looked everywhere for her name, but ended up settling on her first child’s name. You can see if a name is available on a coke bottle here. This year’s campaign is bigger and better with over 1000 names.

Morning Sickness Care Package / Cures for Morning Sickness.DIY Morning Sickness Care Package / Morning Sickness Cures and Remedies.

If you want to create your own DIY care package for your expecting friend, you can pick up the items at your local Walmart. The personalized REESE’s Cups and Coca Cola are near the check out and are exclusive to Walmart. Plus, they have the widest and most organized selection of the personalized bottles.

Share a Coke / DIY Home Remedies for Morning Sickness Care Package.DIY How to Stop Morning Sickness Care Package.

We definitely love supporting our Atlanta based companies like Coca Cola. Their Share a Coke Campaign is one of the best ones we’ve seen. It’s cool to see REESE’s Cups personalizing their packages too! If you haven’t seen this video Jacob, his bro, and friend made about Epic Overreactions, check it out! It may or may not be loosely based on my obsession with Diet Coke. ;)

You can create your own personalized Coke bottle here, but I’m still waiting for them to do them on Diet Coke bottles too.

Can you think of any other ideas? If you had morning sickness, what worked for you?
Are you a Diet Coke fanatic? We’re best friends already!
Have you created any care packages in the past? What did you include?

xoxo estherJacob

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