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The Best Shows to Binge Watch Right Now to Fuel Your Wanderlust

Since we’re all stuck at home, we’ve been binge-watching our favorite shows on netflix, hulu, and amazon.  When we’re on the road, however, it’s a completely different story, and we’re no longer as picky and choosy with what we watch. Forget about any thought-provoking options, bring on everything mind-numbing.

Last Updated: May 19, 2020.  First Published: Jan 19, 2015

5 Best Shows to Binge Watch to Fuel Your Wanderlust

1. Westworld

Where It Takes You: Southern Utah
See It On: Amazon Prime Video, HBO, Hulu

I got on the West World train way late. In fact, I only started watching it as quarantine started. They’re constantly showing the stunning landscapes from southern Utah, most notably Monument Valley. It makes us want to go back, since the last time we visited it was completely shrouded in fog.

2. Ugly Delicious

Where It Takes You: Restaurants all over the world
See It On: Netflix

This show has inspired us to check out several of the restaurants they feature, especially the ones in NYC. Most of them were as delicious as they describe.

3. Sex and the City

Where It Takes You: NYC
See It On: Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Hulu

SATC makes you find the magic of New York. Although we had a love-hate relationship when visiting, when we lived there, we found a deep appreciation for the city and a side of the city many visitors never see.

4. Portlandia

Where It Takes You: Portland, Oregon
See It On: Amazon Prime Video, Netflix

When we lived in Portland, we found a lot of Portlanders who hate the show, but we found it hilariously spot on. Plus, who doesn’t love Fred Armisen Some of it you would expect to be an exaggeration, but Portland is just as weird as the show. When you live there, you end up embracing the weird.

5. River Monsters

Where It Takes You: Rivers All Over the World
See It On: Amazon Prime, Hulu

I enjoy fishing if I get the chance to but am far from calling myself an angler. On top of that, I would have never thought I’d watch a show about fishing, but Jeremy Wade’s quest to catch the most amazingly large freshwater fish around the world keeps us hooked (no pun intended). It’s crazy to see what exist in the rivers and lakes just around the corner from us. Although it may just freak you out enough that you’ll never want to get in the water again, it still features destinations we want to visit like Kaieteur Falls.

More Shows to Check Out that Inspire Travel

What about you? Have you seen these shows?
What are YOUR guilty pleasure tv shows?

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