Bacchanalia Atlanta | Anniversary Number 2

For our second anniversary back in August, we decided to go back to Bacchanalia to celebrate.  That made it our second year in a row celebrating our anniversary at Bacchanalia. I sometimes saw on tv how married couples would have a restaurant they called their own with the same reserved spot year after year.  I guess I don’t know anyone in person who does that, but I imagined that we could have some sort of tradition like that.  Maybe this place could be it!  It is pretty pricey, so it’s definitely for special occasions… unless, you’re these kids.  The crab fritters are just that good though.

It’s nice to have an occasion to doll yourself up.

Here’s what we ordered on their August menu (their menu changes daily):

Preserved Mushrooms: Local Beets, Foccacia, Sorrel, Elliot Pecans, Pea Shoots.

Hawaiian Blue Prawns: Heirloom Tomato Gazpacho, Cucumber, Yoghurt, Leaves.

For this course, we didn’t need to try two different dishes. We both knew we wanted the crab fritters.

Gulf Crab Fritter: Thai Pepper, Avocado, Asian Pear, Grapefruit.

Wood Grilled Prime NY Strip: Summerland Farm Carrots, Hakurei Turnips, Peanut Potato, Farm Egg Emulsion, Arugula.


Pork Loin, Glazed Belly, Rillette: Farro, Pole Beans, Cracklins, Georgia Peach Mustard, Crispy Georgia Okra.

Maple Brook Farms Buratta: Bennington, VT, Heirloom Tomatoes, Sorrel, Olive Oil

Capra Gia Goat’s Milk Cheese: Carrollton, GA, Roasted, Raw & Pickled Beets, Pine Nuts, Arugula

Gifts from the chef:


At the end, they brought us out an extra cake. By then, we were pretty full.

Bacchanalia Atlanta

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