5 Cool Inventions To Make Travel Easier

5 Cool Inventions To Make Travel Easier

If you’re a fan of Back to the Future, then you know that 2015 has a lot of significance. We’re here! We’re in the future! For those of you who haven’t seen the movie, in Back to the Future II, Marty McFly travels to the future year of 2015. A year of hover boards, crazy outfits, self-lacing shoes, and fax machines everywhere. They didn’t quite get everything right but it does get me thinking, what inventions would I love to see become reality to make traveling easier.




1. Science Fiction: Teleportation

We’ve seen it The Jetsons, Star Gate, Star Trek and so many more places, but if we could get to any place in the world in a blink an eye, how much more would everyone be traveling? I think I’d still hop in the car for a good-ole road trip every so often, but it sure would be nice to cut out all that travel time.

Teleportation (5 Cool Inventions To Make Travel Easier).

In Real Life: Global Entry

We can fly to the other side of the world in a day. That’s still pretty amazing. But if you are a frequent traveler, one of the most painful parts of a trip is the airport, especially getting through TSA and customs. Everything changed when we discovered Global Entry. Once approved, you speed through customs when coming back to the states (it’s saved us over 2 hrs before!). You also become TSA pre-checked. That means you get to go through a special line where you don’t have to take out any items from your bags and you can leave your shoes on. It’s no teleportation, but it sure speeds up your travels!

And of course, there’s the Internet!

It’s crazy that within our lifetimes, how we spend our days has completely been redefined. While counting the days until your vacation in Vegas, you can already play poker and talk to a real dealer via webcam in a live casino. If the line to see the Sistine Chapel are ridiculously long, you can always do an interactive tour while sitting in a nearby cafe surrounded by the beauty of the city. And if while traveling you get homesick, you can facetime or skype your friends and family

2. Science Fiction: Capsules

Hailing from the anime that I grew up on, capsules were used all the time in Dragon Ball Z. They are pill-sized containers that make objects compact and easy to transport. They contained everything from hovercars to entire homes! How sweet would it be to have your entire suitcase in your pocket? Or even the possibility to bring your own car?

Super Saver Capsules (5 Cool Inventions To Make Travel Easier).

In Real Life: Space Saver Bags and Packing Cubes

Using the Space Saver Bags and Packing Cubes has helped us pack more compact and efficient.

3. Science Fiction: Everlasting Batteries

Who else gets annoyed at having to deal with charging your phones, laptops, and cameras? And if you’re traveling overseas, it gets even trickier with different outlets and carrying converters. At the very least they could create a self-charging battery right?

In Real Life: Bluesmart Carry-On

There are tons of ways to keep your batteries alive. We use these portable chargers and have considered getting a solar charger for when we go camping, but we were really excited to stumble across the Bluesmart Carry-On. Along with all the other amazing features that they’ve added to a carry-on bag, there is a built-in battery to charge your devices when you’re on the go.

4. Hover… Anything

I remember as a kid seeing the hover board in Back to the Future and completely losing it. I wanted one so bad! Now, as I’m much older… I still want one! But in all seriousness, imagine how much it would make everything easier. Hover luggage. Hover cars. Hover everything!!

Hoverboard (5 Cool Inventions To Make Travel Easier).

In Real Life: One Wheel or Flyboard – Not quite the hover board yet, either of these inventions are headed in the right direction. The Flyboard doesn’t really get you places faster, but it’s still a lot of fun to do! There are only a few places in the world to do it right now, so you’ll definitely have to travel to experience it!

5. Science Fiction: Food Particlizers

Star Trek had one. And with one you could create anything you wanted out of thin air. Not only would this be cool to have, it could end world hunger!

Food Particlizers (5 Cool Inventions that Would Make Travel Easier).

In Real Life: Dehydrated Food

Unfortunately food can’t come out of thin air, but on a road trip or camping trip, we rely on our favorite Mountain House / Good to-Go and Jetboil for a delicious meal on the go.

BONUS – Science Fiction: Personal Jet Packs

James Bond, Boba Fett, Iron Man, and Rocketeer are just a few men from the movies that sported a personal jet pack. How sweet would it be to hop on your jet pack to explore a new city?

Personal Jetpack (5 Cool Inventions To Make Travel Easier).

In Real Life: Personal Jet Packs

It’s not quite in the mass market yet, but check this out and let your inner geek out! That’s insane, right?

Can you think of any other cool inventions that would make travel easier?
What about inventions for life in general?

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