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100 Days of Less Things

One of my 13 in 2013 goals was to do the 100 days of less things challenge. Some people call it 100 days of no spending. It’s been an idea that has been floating around on the blogosphere for some time. A gf of mine had done this a while back as well, and I wanted to see how this challenge affected me personally. I once called myself a minimalist. I was a firm believer that less is more and that experiences are better than possessions. I even went through a phase after returning from living in Germany and Egypt where I threw out almost my entire wardrobe and belongings. Soon after, I regretted throwing out everything, because it turned out that I actually needed some of it. But not much.

Fast forward to today, I’m finding myself collecting more and more stuff. Although I may not buy a lot of clothes, bags, and shoes, we all have certain things we like to spend our money on. Jacob and I spend most of our money on travel. But I also buy camera gear, like to get my nails done, and eat out more than I need to. I’m also a bit of a dabbler, and I jump from hobby to hobby. So I’ve been noticing that I collect lots of little things for future (pinterest) projects. Let’s be real, though… some of these things I will never get to. Before I buy more to begin another project, I need to focus on finishing some of the old projects first. Play with the toys I already own.

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There’s exactly 100 days left till the end of the year from today. I realize that this will be quite challenging since it will be over the holidays. I’ll be buying gifts for other people, and more often than not, being exposed to things makes you more tempted to buy them.

Here are my rules for the 100 Days of Less Things Challenge:
  1. Don’t buy anything but the absolute necessities: groceries, hygiene products, household products.
  2. Only eat out twice a week. We don’t want to be that couple that can never hang out.
  3. The exception to the eating out rule is if we happen to be traveling and don’t have our own kitchen.
  4. Make an exception if it’s an opportunity on my bucket list that may not ever come again.
  5. If I do buy something, blog about it, so that you guys can keep me accountable.

Let’s see how it goes! Anyone want to join me? I could use some support. ;)