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This is My Prayer #PrayforParis #PrayforBeirut

As much fun as it’s been these past few years hopping from city to city, I’ve been plagued with guilt that we’re not doing enough. I know guilt isn’t the right motivator, but it often indicates parts of my life aren’t aligning with my core values. I can tell myself that this blog we work so hard to run is helping others to find adventure, but ultimately, isn’t adventure in and of itself meaningless too?

Paris France at sunset. #prayforparis #prayforbeirutPin

What is the appropriate response to what’s happening in Paris, Beirut, Baghdad, and the hurting in the world every day? And for those who are saying prayer is not enough, what are you doing that is enough or at the very least better than prayer? I really want to know. What is it that we can do?

My heart has been heavy after hearing the news and especially after reading this article. My mind is constantly filled with conflicting feelings but even more so these days. Should I say something? Should I keep quiet and let everyone else do the talking? Do I even have anything worthwhile to contribute to the conversation? Do I want to join the slew of #prayforparis #prayforbeirut posts just so that in the eyes of others I’m doing my part (whatever part that is)… even though I still can’t grasp what’s been happening.

How long is the appropriate time to mourn the loss of all those lives? If we consider what’s happening in the world every day, we may have to mourn for the rest of our lives.

I wish I could be more connected. This sheltered life of mine (and the “busyness”) has protected me from too many things. And I pray that I wake up and have compassion for others’ suffering every day and not just go about my daily life as if there’s a sense of normalcy.

Sadly, even this post is very introspective and selfish, inward thinking and not outward.

Ending this post with a Mother Teresa quote, since she always has words of wisdom:

Inspiring Mother Teresa Quote.Pin

I know I’m not the only one who’s having trouble processing. I don’t have any answers, but I’d be more than happy to chat if you need someone to talk it out with.

How are you coping these days?

xoxo esther

Photo credit (creative commons): Moyan Brenn

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