Here we’ve listed all the sites we’ve stayed at so far with our notes. Everyone looks for something different in RV Parks and Campgrounds, but these are the things we value:

  • Full Hookups
  • Convenience to the areas we want to explore
  • Decent Wifi – Since we’re working on the road, we heavily depend on it
  • Value (Bang for Buck)
  • Scenic Campsites
  • Customer Service (we only mention it if it was either terrible or amazing)

We’ve starred our favorites (RV sites rarely meet all the criteria). Also, our standards for wifi have significantly changed since living on the road. We used to think 50 Mbps was sometimes slow. This is now our scale for wifi: SLOW WIFI (0-2Mpbs), DECENT WIFI (2-6 Mbps, GOOD WIFI (6-10 Mbps), GREAT WIFI (10+ Mbps). P.S. In the real world, internet starts at 5 Mbps.


  • Big Sur (Fernwood Resort– Water + Electric. Little to no phone service. Cramped for what you pay. Steep one­way entrance that isn’t great for RVs. Slow wifi available at the restaurant. Friendly and knowledgable staff.
  • Delano (Walmart) – No Hookups. Friendly staff. Decent Wifi. Newer Store.
  • ✩ Groveland (Yosemite Pines) – Full Hookups. Clean and renovated campgrounds. Slow wifi. 30 min drive from Yosemite West Entrance. Friendly staff. Lots of extra amenities.
  • Honey Lake (Honey Lake RV Park– Full Hookups. Decent wifi near the main building. Bathrooms were okay. Cheapest in the area. The staff was the friendliest and most helpful here.
  • Lassen Volcanic National Park (Volcano Country Camping) – Full Hookups and location is 9 miles from the main Lassen Entrance. No wifi. Cheap ($25 a night), but they nickel and dime you and want to charge you extra if you run AC or Heat on Electric. Why are we paying and not boondocking? Bathrooms were gross, and they were the unfriendliest staff we have encountered so far on this trip. PRO-TIP: Camp in the park! Even the Visitor’s Center has a nice view.
  • Paicines (Pinnacles National Park) Electric Only + Dump Station. Spacious Sites.No wifi.
  • Pomona (Fairplex RV Park) – We went when it was a KOA LA. It had full hookups, slow wifi, and the staff was not super friendly. Good facilities though.
  • San Leandro (Trailer Haven) – Full Hookups. Tight spaces. Cheapest in the area. Not the best area and has lots of long-term RVers. Slow wifi. Friendly staff.
  • Susanville (Walmart) – Allows Overnight. Quiet. Not a Super Walmart. No Wifi, but there is a Starbucks close by.
  • ✩ Twentynine Palms (Joshua Tree National Park) – No Hookups. Joshua Tree does not have many sites suitable for RV camping. Belle Camp #2-4 are awesome with lots of space Amazing Views. No phone service / wifi. PRO-TIP: If camping on the weekend, you must get there by Thursday to get first come first serve sites. You can read about how long it took us to get our campsite here.


  • Grand Junction (Junction West RV Park) – Full Hookups. Decent wifi, Clean facilities, Area is industrial.
  • Gunnison (Black Canyon of the Gunnison Campground) – Limited electric sites available. No wifi, Primitive toilets, Cheap camping ($8 – $14 for sites with electric), Easy access to landmarks in the Park.
  • ✩ Mancos / Mesa Verde National Park (Ancient Cedars at Mesa Verde RV Resort) – Full Hookups. Slow wifi, Great views, Friendly and knowledgeable staff, Right across Mesa Verde NP Entrance
  • Mosca (Great Sand Dunes Oasis) – Full Hookups. Decent facilities. No wifi. Right outside of Great Sand Dunes NP. You can rent sandboarding or sand sledding gear here. 
  • Strasburg (KOA East Denver) – Full Hookups. Good Wifi. Friendly Staff.


  • Oakley (Mitten’s Travel Center) – No Hookups. Great internet. Clean facilities.
  • Salina (Walmart) – No Hookups. Friendly staff. Plenty of level parking. Good wifi.


  • Minneapolis (Airstream Park) – Coming Soon!


  • Oak Grove (Oak Grove KOA) – Full Hookups. Sites small and had to park the truck sideways. Slow wifi. Bathrooms, facilities, and staff were great.


  • ✩ Glacier National Park (West Glacier KOA) – Full hookups. Beautiful and spacious sites. Minutes away from the west entrance of Glacier National Park. Nice facilities but slow wifi. They didn’t do a great job informing us to put away our food even though we were in bear country until a US forestry officer got mauled and killed right near the campsite the day before we left. We never leave our food out anyways, but even if it seems safe, I would put everything away and not wander around at night by yourself. They turn all the lights off at night, so it’s a good spot for astrophotography.
  • Hardin (Hardin KOA) – Full hookups. Newly renovated facilities and slow wifi. Close to Little Bighorn Battlefield and the north unit of Bighorn Canyon National Recreational Area.


  • Theodore Roosevelt National Park (Trappers Kettle Campground) – Full hookups and spacious spots. Really slow wifi. 18 miles from the National Park entrance. Their lights are really bright (they look like the kind you see in Walmart parking lots), so you have to go pretty far if you want to see any stars.


  • ✩ Loon Lake (Loon Lake Lodge & RV Resort) – Full Hookups. Slow but reliable wifi – went on a slower week though. Great location right next to the lake. Lots of water sports rental options: jetski, fishing, kayaking, SUP, canoeing, boats. Friendly staff.
  • Hood River (Bridge RV Park) – Full Hookups. Concrete spots with nicely kept green areas around. Pricey sites, but it’s really clean with good wifi.
  • Lyons Ferry/Palouse Falls (Starbuck/Lyons Ferry Marina KOA) – Full Hookups. Close to Palouse Falls with clean and comfortable facilities., but it’s practically a parking lot. Nothing else to do in the area except Palouse Falls, and it has slow wifi.


  • ✩ Blanding (Goosenecks State Park) – No Hookups. Amazing views. Cheap campsites ($10/night). No wifi.
  • Kanab (Crazy Horse RV Campark) – Full Hookups. Decent Wifi. Decent facilities. Friendly staff. Walking Distance from the Wave Lottery.
  • Moab (Moab KOA) – Full Hookups. Cannot get on wifi. Decent facilities. Convenient location to Arches and Canyonlands NP.


  • ✩ Greater Seattle (Tall Chief RV Resort) – Beautiful and private sites in a gated community. Convenient for getting around the Seattle area and surrounding National Parks. Only electric and water (with available dump station and $20 honey wagon service).


  • ✩ Yellowstone National Park (Employee Campsite) – Full hookups with clean facilities. Sites were spacious and centrally located in the park near Fishing Bridge Visitor Center. Both sites and laundry were cheap. They had the best washing machines. No wifi. You must have an employee sponsor you.
  • Bismarck (Bismarck KOA) – Coming Soon!

We know Walmart’s aren’t campgrounds, but we listed them anyways. I was never a huge fan of Walmarts until we started RVing. Somehow the ones out in the middle of nowhere are much cleaner and better organized than the ones in cities. PLUS, they happen to have some of the most consistent and decent internet we’ve encountered on the trip – way better internet than any RV park.

We’ll continue to update this page as we continue our #EndlessCaravan (and when we can get online). PLUS, how to get internet on the road coming soon!

Last updated: Jul 9, 2016