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Pixar Lamp and Toy Story Ball

Pixar Studios Tour – Inside Look at Pixar HQ

The Friday we arrived in the Bay Area, we went to visit the Pixar Animation Studios. Nick Pitera gave us a fantastic tour and more insight on the behind the scenes process. We were already impressed by Pixar’s work, but now we have even more of a respect and appreciation for what they do. They redecorated their campus for their latest release, so when we arrived, we were greeted by Sully and Mike!

The real life version of monster's university campus. our visit at pixar. pixar animation studios tour. pixar animation studios tours. pixar studios. pixar emeryville.Pin
It's a real life monster's university campus in real life! Our visit at pixar animation studios. pixar animation studios tour. pixar animation studios tours. pixar studios. pixar emeryville.Pin
The pixar lamp on the pixar campus. Our visit at pixar animation studios tours, pixar studios. pixar emeryvillePin

They’ve done an amazing job with balancing the secrecy of their future projects, but still making it visually fun for guests by having art galleries and displays. Although they don’t allow photos in the majority of the studio, we had the chance to see the long process and intricate and clever details of the making of Monsters University. I also loved that they had a community garden on their campus. If I worked at Pixar, I would totally use it!

A community garden on the Pixar campus. real life monster's university campus in real life. our visit at pixar. pixar animation studios. pixar animation studios tour. pixar animation studios tours. pixar animation. pixar studios. pixar emeryville.Pin

A special thanks to Nick for showing us around. If you don’t already know who he is, here’s his original claim to fame. He’ll be releasing an EP soon called Stairways! #hearton

pixar animation studios tourPin

More photos of our visit to the Pixar Animation Studios in the gallery below:


What is your favorite Pixar movie of all time? Mine is still Up. I cry every single time I watch the first 10 mins. Also, I’m trying something different with the photo galleries on each post. I’m trying to limit myself to 5 photos per post, so that you don’t have to scroll through twenty something photos if you want a quick read. But there’s more photos for those who are here for the photos. What do you guys think?

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  1. Xavier Araiza

    What an amazing experience, that looks like a lot of fun…I’m from Mexico and I will have a study trip to San Francisco con June 20-26, with a few classmates of my Master Class in Stanford and we are looking to have visits to different companies. I’m a huge fan of Cartoons and animation and because of
    that I’m really interested in trying to get a tour in to Pixar Studios on June 24-26.

    I will really appreciate if you have any contact which I could get in touch in order to make this dream come true. Regards!

  2. Quinn

    incredible! I would love to tour Pixar some day. Oh, and I just took a 30 minute detour browsing through all of Nick’s youtube video… I’m amazed by his voice! If there was no video, I would swear the songs were sung by different people

    1. esther julee

      You totally should! And isn’t he amazing?! That’s what he told us.. nobody believed him that he sang everything by himself until he put up a video as proof.

  3. agh! i love all the pixar movies. i feel like it’s so hard to just pick 1 fav, but mine’s probably Monster’s Inc for it’s pure creativity. I remember so many random lines from that film like, when Mike Wazowski tells his new girlfriend, “ever since I laid ‘eye’ on you” (bwahahha.. kills me everytime). or how pixar always captures little details like when mike puts on his one contact on his eyeball, his jaw drops involuntarily (like he cannot control opening his mouth when he is opening his eye). when i saw that i immediately recognized it because i do that too when i put in contacts! lol. so funny.

    i haven’t seen monster’s univ. yet, have you?

    1. esther julee

      yes i have!!! you need to see it!! i think i like it better than the original. :) there is SO MUCH in the details. I feel like i need to go back and watch it again because I probably missed a lot. so the guy, nick, who took us on the tour is apparently in charge of the redesign / drawing or whatever magic they do to all the signage in the movie so that it’s relevant to other countries and cultures? When they release the movies in other cultures, the signs are in their language. i had no idea pixar did this! maybe I should watch the korean version…

      1. no way!! i had no idea! that is so cool. is that guy nick a friend or is he some assigned tour guide at pixar? do you need an invite to tour?

        i dont know why we’re having convos on here instead of IRL..

        1. esther julee

          haha! he’s a friend of jacob’s through youtube.. cuz he’s also a youtuber. omg you should watch his video i linked. he has a crazy amazing voice!

  4. Melissa | Dash of East

    Really frickin’ jealous that you guys got to visit the Pixar Studios!! (I think Paul is too) Up and Ratatouille (duh!) are my favorite Pixar movies. Digging the new post layout with the five photos and option to see more. Though I’m always happy to scroll through your photos :)

    1. esther julee

      Thanks, girl! :) Just trying something different. I haven’t seen ratatouille in a while.. I should tell Jacob I wanna watch it!

  5. cindyLowe

    mine is also UP! and then close second is The Incredibles.

    1. esther julee

      I think I like them in that same order too! haha And then maybe the toy stories or ratatouille. i can’t decide!

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