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Aziz Ansari Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari is Better on Audiobook!

We do quite a bit of driving to explore nearby National Parks and for our San Diego local adventures, which leaves us plenty of time in the car. I used to read, but I’m finding myself getting carsick more often. Does that mean I’m getting older?

Typically we listen to music, but we decided to give audiobooks a try. I’ve listened to a handful of audiobooks in the past and have found that some are great while others are boring. It all depends on the reader. If it’s done right, the audiobook can be even better than reading it on your own.

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Aziz Ansari Modern Romance Audiobook from Audible.Pin

Recently, we decided to check out the Aziz Ansari Modern Romance audiobook using our free trial on Audible. We’re so happy we made this choice! The book itself is hilarious and informative. He teamed up with sociologist Eric Klinenberg and wrote about what the dating scene is like nowadays.

Aziz Ansari Modern Romance Audiobook from Audible.Pin

Besides the content, Aziz brings something different to the audiobook. As a seasoned comedian, he’s able to bring a new level of hilarity to the text. He brings life to sections when we’re snooping in on other peoples’ text messages, adds in additional jokes not in the book, and calls us out for being lazy since we’re listening to the book rather than reading on our own. Oh, how we love Aziz! Overall, it’s a great listen, and we highly recommend it!

Audible is an Amazon company that has more than 180,000 audio titles to choose from! We’re excited to see what else they have in their library the next time we’re on the road.

Get Aziz Ansari Modern Romance here. They have a free 30-day trial, and your first book is free.

Aziz Ansari Modern Romance Audiobook from Audible.Pin

I still have a lot of reading to do to reach my 2015 reading goal. These are some next on our list:

  • Why Not Me by Mindy Kaling
  • The Harry Potter Books 3-7 (I know…. I’m still not done!)
  • Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris

Have you read any of these? What did you think? Do you keep any reading goals? What audiobooks have been your favorite so far and what book would you want to listen to from Audible next?

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