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Happy Anniversary to Mom & Dad!

Found this a couple days ago when I knew my parents anniversary was coming up and I decided to give it a repost!

Just woke up from a little over 14 hours of sleep after getting back from my Japan trip.  I think I needed the recovery.  We were so busy hanging out and shooting till the crack of dawn that there was just no time to be sleeping.  Although I’m really excited to post the photos from Japan (which if not by tomorrow, will happen sometime this week)… FIRST, I wanted to congratulate my parents and say Happy Anniversary to my Mom & Dad, without whom I literally would not be here.  They have been and are always an inspiration to marriage and life and remind me daily to be thankful for what I have.  This year my mom told me they’re planning a road trip from east coast to west coast.  It’s one of the things they want to do in their lifetime.  I always thought I was just a nomad off doing my own thing, but I guess I received some of my adventurous spirit through them.  Wishing you both another wonderful year filled with joy and love and adventure.

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Love you guys!

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  1. my.

    This is such a sweet photo of your parents. It is so admirable that they want to do a cross country road trip. It’s still on my list! My congratulations to them!

    1. estherjulee

      Thanks. :) I’m so glad they passed down their sense of adventure down to me!

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