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First Golden Tote – My Virtual Personal Shopper!

I might not be the typical girl, but I absolutely loathe shopping. I get overwhelmed by too many choices and having to sort through my options. I also would never call myself a fashionable / stylish person. I really wish I was, but styling outfits doesn’t come naturally to me.

As you know, we’ve been checking out tons of subscription boxes lately, mostly food and snacks. I’ve been intrigued by subscription services where someone styles you, but I’ve also been skeptical. You never know if something will be the right fit for your body type. After seeing several bloggers do raving reviews of Golden Tote, I decided to reach out to them to see what they are all about. I’ve always wanted a personal shopper / stylist. ;)

And now… I am so excited to share with you my first clothing subscription box!

Golden Tote Reviews.

Here’s how Golden Tote works:

  1. Choose your tote. Small includes 2-3 pieces for $49 and large includes 5-6 pieces for $149.
  2. Then you pick one or two items that you really love. This helps the stylist get a feel for what you like and they surprise you with other pieces.
  3. If there are a few things that you just must have, you can also add them onto your tote.
  4. Then to finish it off, you create a style profile of the types of clothes you like wearing, your shape, and size. The more personalized, the better! I mentioned that I wanted to try out more bohemian and edgy styles of clothing as well as classics. In the extra comments section, I also linked to my pinterest style board.
  5. It’s an all or nothing bag. You either keep everything or send it all back. Though I haven’t tried this yet, if you like most of your clothes, people have said it’s very easy to trade or sell a piece on their facebook trading group.

My August 2015 Golden Tote:

The Pineapple Culottes is one I picked. It’s something outside my comfort zone of what I would normally wear, but I loved it instantly. I didn’t even realize until it after it arrived that the pattern was painting by numbers, which made it even more awesome!

Pineapple Culottes Golden Tote Review.Golden Tote Reviews.
Pineapple Culottes Pants - My First Golden Tote Review.

The True Blue Cardigan is the second piece I picked:

True Blue Cardigan - My First Golden Tote Review.True Blue Cardigan - My First Golden Tote Review.

Now the surprises! The Hourglass Lilly Printed Tunic – So soft and comfortable!

Hourglass Lilly Printed Tunic - My First Golden Tote Review.

Le Lis Lace Front Tank:

Le Lis Lace Front Tank - My First Golden Tote Review.Le Lis Lace Front Tank - My First Golden Tote Reviews.

Lime & Chili Aztec Trip Top. This one wasn’t love at first sight, but once I tried it with a couple skirts and pants, I started seeing a lot of options open up!

Lime & Chili Aztec Trip Top - My First Golden Tote Review.
Lime & Chili Aztec Trip Top - My First Golden Tote Review.Lime & Chili Aztec Trip Top - Golden Tote Reviews.

Pink Owl Printed Wrap Dress (in Green):

Pink Owl Printed Wrap Dress - My First Golden Tote Review.

In case you’re not ready to sign up for the tote, you can still browse their boutique. Be sure to sign up for their newsletter so you know when they have new items in! Did I mention that you’re pretty much getting the clothes for 50% off retail prices?

What did you think about my first Golden Tote?
Would you try Golden Tote?
Are there any styles you’d like to try that’s different from what you normally wear?

xoxo estherJacob

Thank you Golden Tote for sending us a tote to check out! All opinions, photos, and text are our own.
Thank you for supporting the brands that make Local Adventurer possible.

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