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Celebrating 3 Years!

Postponing the travel post until next week because today is our anniversary! We flew into Atlanta from LA redeye this morning, and we’re exhausted. We’ll have a proper celebration in the next few days, but for now, we’re going to rest at our hotel and perhaps watch some river monsters. Can’t believe we’ve been married 3 years. Time really flies. It feels like just last year when we got married.

Every year we celebrate by doing an anniversary photoshoot, but this year we also got a custom illustration made by catplusmouse. We were so excited to get this in the mail yesterday! This is what our family looks like so far: Me + Jacob + Two rescue tabbies:


Love Catplusmouse‘s custom illustrations! If you want to get one done for yourselves or as a gift, you can use the code: estherjacob10 to get 10% off.

I was planning on writing out a long, thoughtful post reflecting on our three years of marriage and how we want to move forward, but it will have to wait. Between my best friend’s wedding over the weekend and traveling to Atlanta, my brain is not functioning anymore. My eyes keep closing as I am typing this…

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  1. soapie

    love the photo!
    and love you both!
    happy anniversary!

    1. estherjulee

      thanks girl! :) i hope you guys visit us soon!!

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