5 Guilty Pleasure TV Shows to Watch

5 Guilty Pleasure TV Shows to Watch

When we’re at home, we don’t have cable, so we binge watch our favorite shows on netflix after we hear the reviews and recommendations. When we’re on the road, however, it’s a completely different story, and we’re no longer as picky and choosy with what we watch. Forget about any thought provoking options, bring on the mind-numbing fun! Since we’ve been in LA shooting the FuZees, one week out of every month for the past four months, we’ve had quite a bit of hotel time to notice there were a few shows we gravitated towards over others.

5 guilty pleasure tv shows to watch.


Naked and Afraid

It’s about two strangers who have to survive for 21 days in extreme conditions together with nothing but one satchel and one item they choose… seriously, nothing else, not even clothes! Sounds really risque and gimmicky, but after the initial time they meet, you quickly forget they’re even naked because their survival skills are being tested to the max. It’s so fascinating how people can survive out in the wild with almost nothing. James Franco and Seth Rogan recently did a parody with Discovery if you haven’t seen already.

River Monsters

I enjoy fishing if I get the chance to but am far from calling myself an angler. On top of that, I would have never thought I’d watch a show about fishing, but Jeremy Wade’s quest to catch the most amazingly large freshwater fish around the world keeps us hooked (no pun intended). It’s crazy to see what exist in the rivers and lakes just around the corner from us and may just freak you out enough that you’ll never want to get in the water again.


Maybe it’s because we don’t have the food channel at home, but it’s definitely one of our favorites when we’re on the road. Chopped is a standard cooking competition show that always makes us a bit hungry and makes us wish we could cook better!

Cutthroat Kitchen

Cooking competitions are a lot of fun, but add in the fact that you can sabotage each other and you suddenly find yourself cheering for more chaos! Alton Brown hosts the competition and you can tell he really enjoys himself as he auctions off the sabotages like cooking everything with only aluminum foil, or changing out your fresh ingredients for something canned, or even cooking everything in a telephone booth. Every episode has a new set of sabotages that keeps every episode fun and fresh!

Mystery Diners

We would never catch ourselves watching a show like this at home, but something about an obviously scripted reality show is stupidly satisfying in a hotel room! Restaurant owners who suspect that their employees are cheating them hire this company to help them find out the truth. Then they watch and set up traps to catch the unsuspecting employees red handed. It typically ends with a few of them getting fired :)

What about you? Have you seen these shows?
What are YOUR guilty pleasure tv shows?

xoxo estherJacob

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