Food Science at Zymology 21 / Gaslamp District San Diego

Food Science at Zymology 21 / Gaslamp District San Diego

Food can be as simple or creative as your mind can imagine. Zymology 21 is the latter. We’ve heard of other science themed restaurants, but this was our first introduction.

Food Chemistry at Zymology 21 Gaslamp Bar and Food.
Zymology 21 Gaslamp District San Diego.Zymology 21 - Gaslamp District Restaurants.

Zymology is the study of fermentation, which includes beer, wine, liquor, pickled food, etc. The restaurant has plenty of seating and the décor has a Chemistry theme which I much appreciated. Did you know I got my degree in Chemistry? :P I don’t talk about it much, since I clearly don’t use it.

Zymology 21 - Gaslamp Restaurants.

Check out how they prep the tea and coffee!

Zymology 21 -Gaslamp District Restaurants.Zymology 21 - Gaslamp Restaurants.
Zymology 21 San Diego Gaslamp District.Science Themed Restaurant Gaslamp District San Diego.

We started off with a flight of their shrubs. Do you know what shrubs are? We had no idea. We learned that shrubs are old school ways of preserving the flavors of fruits and vegetables with vinegar prior to refrigeration. They basically mix these with your choice of spirit, resulting in a pretty colored drink.

We were so intrigued with the shrubs! Plus, they have a fun, fiery presentation.

Shrubs at Zymology 21 - Gaslamp Bars
Shrubs at Zymology 21 - Gaslamp San Diego Restaurants.
Shrubs at Zymology 21 - Gaslamp San Diego Restaurants.Shrubs at Zymology 21 - Gaslamp Quarter Restaurants.
Shrubs at Zymology 21 - Gaslamp District Bars.

Taquitos on the left; Lamp pops over arugula on the right:

Gaslamp District San Diego Restaurant.Downtown San Diego Restaurants.
Zymology 21 - San Diego Downtown Restaurants.Zymology 21 Food Science Restaurant in the San Diego Gaslamp District.

The Seared Ahi Slider had seaweed salad, which made it refreshing, and the bread had a nice consistency. Their homemade pickles were so good! I love my pickled foods. :)

Seared Ahi Slider at Zymology 21 - Gaslamp Restaurants.
BLTAvocadoEggSalad Zymology 21 - San Diego Restaurants.Gaslight District San Diego Restaurants.

Above-left: BLTAvocadoEggSalad served cold. Below: Chicken & Waffles with a yummy Serrano peppers & lime dressing.

Chicken and Waffles with a Serrano peppers and lime dressing
Gaslamp Bars.Gaslamp Bars.

We had a great time! To top off our visit, they threw us a bubble party! They usually do this for special events or larger parties. It’s definitely an experience as much as it is a dinner and the food is beautifully presented. They also have happy hour from 5-8 daily, which is a great way to try a bunch of their food.

Zymology 21
750 5th Ave
San Deigo CA 92101


Sun-Thurs 8AM-12AM
Fri-Sat: 8AM-2AM

What to Order:
Ahi Tuna Slider (Esther’s Favorite)
Chicken and Waffles (Jacob’s Favorite)
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Have you been to a themed restaurant?
How was your experience?

xoxo estherJacob

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