Waffle House | What to Eat in Atlanta

It’s a late Foodie Friday update, but it’s fitting since Waffle House is the late night 24-hour spot here in Atlanta. We have one on every corner.  Waffle house, aka WaHo or the Awful Waffle, is pretty much perfect for sobering up after a night out or for simply satisfying your late night hunger.

It’s rare that we go before midnight, but we made an exception since we had some visitors in town and decided they couldn’t leave Atlanta without giving it a try.

Our usual order:

  • Esther: double hashbrowns, double covered. Add ketchup & tabasco sauce to taste.
  • Jacob: all star breakfast, substitute the waffle for hashbrowns, and double the hashbrown order

The bacon is crispy and excellent! I’m gonna miss all the greasy food! Follow my travelingpigs on instagram!

“Discovery consists not of seeking new lands but in seeing with new eyes” – M. Proust

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