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Urban Garden | Planting a dwarf lemon tree

Lately, one of my hobbies is working on a small urban garden out of our balcony. It has long been on my bucket list to plant a tree. Every year as Arbor Day passes, I am reminded to do this.  But for whatever reason, most likely my laziness, it hasn’t happened. Originally when I put my bucket list together, I was thinking I would be planting a tree as part of a volunteer project. Maybe, I will still do that in the future. For now, I wanted to kill two birds with one stone. I’ve been seeing indoor dwarf lemon trees and other indoor citrus trees floating around on pinterest, which piqued my interest.

This year, we were on a long drive back from a trip to Death Valley, when I realized it was Arbor Day! I could not let it pass again this year. As soon as we got home, we dropped off our bags, and made it to the local nursery minutes before they closed. I picked myself out a dwarf lemon tree. I loved the idea of being able to grow a citrus tree right from my balcony or even indoors. They grow much better in California than in Georgia weather.  I’m so glad I have the chance to grow them while we are out here. Hopefully, we’ll have lots of lemons to make lemonade out of!

My Urban Garden:

Urban Garden. Planting a lemon tree on our balcony. Arbor Day Citrus Tree: Dwarf Meyer Lemon TreePin

Urban Garden: Planting a lemon tree on our balcony. Dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree for my gardenPin

While I was watering my tree, I noticed a tiny little green bug on my tree. Usually, I would run screaming, and Jacob will attest to that. However, this one was a teeny tiny praying mantis. Tiny meaning a few millimeters!  I actually managed to get a macro shot of this teeny tiny bug. Proud of myself – facing fears.

Urban Garden: Planting a lemon tree on our balcony. Praying Mantis Macro PhotographyPin

I’ve noticed on pinterest, people say you can grow dwarf lemon trees indoors, but when I went to the nursery, they suggested it get full sun. I’m so new to gardening. It’s my first time having a tree albeit small, so any tips would be much appreciated. I’d love to hear what you are planting in your gardens this year.