Lakers Game at Staples Center | Tourists at Home LA Edition

For Josh’s birthday a few weeks ago, Mama and Papa Fu came into town, and since Josh is a die-hard Hawks fan, we went to go see the Hawks vs Lakers game at Staples Center.  Even though LA is our new home, Atlanta will always be where we call home.  Gotta support our home team.

Also matching flip flops from sanuk.  So comfortable!

This is from a watchable distance. Now to our seats in the nosebleed section.

Enjoying my view at the game. How do you like my view?

I cannot believe how expensive tickets are.  We got second to last row. Almost the worst seats you could possibly get and it was still over $50 per person.  Unfortunately the Hawks lost by one point, but because they lost, we did get vouchers for free tacos.  I hope those tacos are worth it! Thanks Mama & Papa Fu for taking us!

All photos via instagram

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