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How to Be a YouTuber: Daily Schedule

For those of you who don’t know already, Jacob and his bro are full-time YouTubers. And since being a YouTuber is an unconventional job, we get asked A LOT of questions. I’ve noticed a handful of bloggers wanting to cross over into the YouTube world, so hopefully you’ll find this series helpful. Before he shares some insight about YouTube… if you haven’t seen any of their videos, this is one of their favorites:

Being creatives, we make our own schedules. And though it definitely has its upsides, it is far from relaxing all day and doing whatever we want.

Usually when people find out that I am a YouTuber, the first question is how I make money doing that (post coming soon). The second question is usually what my day-to-day schedule looks like, so I’m going to do my best to put together what a “typical day” looks like.

How to Be a YouTuber: Daily Schedule.Pin

9:30AM – 10:30AMEmails/Social Media
10:30AM – 12:30PMPlan/Script/Write
12:30PM – 1:00PMLunch
1:00PM – 4:00PMShoot/Edit
4:00PM – 5:00PMEmails/Social Media
6:00PM – 9:00PMShoot/Edit
9:00PM – 10:00PMDinner
10:00PM – 11:30PMRelax unless we are behind. Then Shoot/Edit
11:30PM – 12:00AMSocial Media
12:00AM – 3:00AMRelax with Esther (TV/Read… Social Media)


Earlier I said typical day with quotation marks because it does change a lot from day to day. A lot of times we have to throw in meetings, phone calls, events, or bigger projects. For example, we’ve been working on a huge project all year (that we can’t reveal quite yet but stay tuned!) amidst keeping up with our regular channel programming which is 4-5 videos a week between our two channels.

Not every YouTuber has or keeps a schedule. I’m just sharing what has worked for us.

Superwoman recently posted the Truth About YouTubers which gives even more insight into our lives:

Don’t get me wrong, I love what we’re doing and am thankful, but it’s no cakewalk.

*Thanks for all your comments so far! I am definitely blessed to be doing this full time and being able to put in the hours. But if you are interested in doing it, I encourage you to try it out! When we had just started, I was working a full time job but gave myself a goal to post one video a week. Keep in mind our current schedule allows us to post 4-5 videos a week. Giving ourselves a goal taught me two things: 1. How to be efficient with my time. And 2. to get over my perfectionism of how I look and sound. The main priority was to get the video out and continue to learn from my mistakes! If you go back a couple of years on our videos, you’ll see how rough we were and how it compares to what we do now :) This is an older video I’m embarrassed to watch now.

What else would you like to know about YouTube / YouTubers?


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