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Ultimate Cruise Calendar – The Best Time to Go On a Cruise

We just got back from our first cruise as a couple! We’ve both been before, but it’s been so long that we don’t really remember too much from our previous experiences. Plus, we’ve really enjoyed creating new memories while traveling together.

When we booked our cruise, we didn’t do much research on the best times to go. We simply went with what was convenient to our location and schedule. In the future, though, we want to make the most of our time on the water and in the port cities.

Ultimate Cruise Calendar: The Best Time to Go On a CruisePin


  • Alaska: June – Aug (high season), May / Sept (low season)
  • Australia: Nov – Mar (high season), May – Sept (low season)
  • Bermuda: June – Aug (high season), April – May + Sept – Oct (low season)
  • Canada / New England: Sept – Oct (high season); May – Aug (low season)
  • Caribbean: mid Dec – mid Jan + Feb – mid April + mid Jun – August (high season), mid April – May, Sept – mid Dec (low season)
  • Europe River Cruise: April – Oct (high season), March / mid Nov – Dec (low season)
  • Hawaii: mid Dec – April (high season), May – Jun + Sept – mid Dec (low season)
  • Mediterranean: May – Sept (high season), Oct – April (low season)
  • Mexican Riviera: Feb – mid Apr (high season) May + Oct – Nov + first half of January (low season)
  • Northern Europe: June – Aug (high season), May / Sept (low season)
  • South America: Nov – March (high season), April – Oct (low season)
  • Tahiti / South Pacific: May – Oct (high season), Nov – April (low season)

Typically the high seasons are the best times to go. The weather is ideal, the port cities are in full swing, and there are a lot of ships going to a particular region. On the flip side, you’re dealing with the largest crowds, you have to book as early as possible, and the prices are the highest.

I’ve also included the low / shoulder seasons. The great thing about traveling on these off months is that you avoid the crowds and get good deals on the cruises. Unfortunately, the weather can be a toss up. You might get lucky and catch great weather, but you could just as easily be stuck in rainy or muggy weather. A lot of times, larger cruise companies will send their ships to the high season areas at this time, so there will be fewer options. If things do work out though, you will be getting some of the best of the port cities and destinations without having to fight off the large crowds.

Next on our travel wish list is an Alaskan cruise, Norway, and a Mediterranean cruise. We also hear that the Disney cruise line is amazing!

Do you have any tips for anyone looking to go on a cruise?
What cruises have you been on? Did you go during the busy or slow seasons?
Which cruise would you like to go on next?

xoxo estherJacob

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