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Trivial Pursuit – A Hasbro Game Night!


As we’ve been challenging ourselves to go on more dates this year, one of our favorite double dates in the past was trivia night at a local bar! Food, drinks, friends, and a little friendly competition amongst everyone at the bar. What’s not to love?

We’re pretty good at the food and drinks part, but not so much at the trivia. We’ve come close on one occasion, but have yet to win! When Hasbro asked us to review Trivial Pursuit on the Hasbro Game Channel, it was our chance to hone in on our trivia skills. You best watch out!

Since we never played the board game version, we’re not really sure how the console version compares to the original. You can play anywhere between 1-4 players and customize how long of a game you want to play. As soon as it gets started, you feel like you’re on an actual game show. They even have different types of game modes, and so far our favorite is Grab Bag!

The flexibility of how you play the game makes it great on your own, with your friends, or with the whole family. The computer fills in the extra spots and keeps the game competitive and fun. We usually play just the two of us, but this week we played Leenda and Josh. Team Green versus Team Red!

Trivial Pursuit on Hasbro Game Channel.Pin
Trivial Pursuit - A Hasbro Game Night.PinTrivial Pursuit on Hasbro Game Channel.Pin
Trivial Pursuit on Hasbro Game Channel.Pin

Who do you think won? ;)

We’ve been playing quite frequently, and we’ll keep you updated if we win our next trivia night! Be sure to check out Hasbro’s Game Channel on your console! Right now, they have Monopoly, Risk, and Trivial Pursuit available with more to come.

What are some of your favorite board games?
What category of trivia do you always pick / excel at?

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