Lazy Girl’s Style Guide to Summer Hats

Lazy Girl’s Style Guide to Summer Hats

Summer is the perfect season for hats! Well, any season is really… but I recently started becoming more of a hat person after picking up some wide brim floppy sunhats. They keep you cool in the sun and they’re one of the easiest accessories (especially for lazy girls like me). And I may be the only one thinking this, but I think I look pretty good in hats! Can I compliment myself here? :P

Lazy Girls Style Guide to Summer Hats.


1. Wide Brimmed Hat

I LOVE big sun hats. I used to think I was too petite to wear them, but I just don’t care anymore. They keep my face out of the sun and keep me looking more stylish than usual. My only hangup is that they’re so wide and can get in the way when I’m taking photos. But they’re perfect for relaxing at the beach or pool or just anytime you don’t have to take a gazillion photos.

It easily made our cruise packing list. Did you know that many of them roll up nicely for packing? Get those kinds, because there’s nothing more annoying than having to carry a hat separately. I got this one for myself, and another one for mom so she can wear it while gardening . :)

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2. Fedora

A fedora is the perfect hat to add a lil sumpn sumpn to your outfit. It doesn’t do as much in terms of practicality, but it also doesn’t get in your way. Plus, if you’re significant other can pull it off, it’s a hat you can both share. I ended up getting this men’s hat, even though it fits a little loose on me. It’s a shame Jacob can’t pull off hats. We could have shared this one!

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3. Camper Cap

I never imagined I’d wear one of these, but I really like it better than typical baseball caps. It still keeps the sun out of your eyes, and they have a lot of different designs to match with your outfits! I especially loved the neon color for summer.

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4. Lightweight Hiking Sun Hat

This one is for pure practicality. Since we do a fair amount of hiking, a sun hat is a must. It’s built to give you circulation while giving you plenty of protection from the sun.

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BONUS: These aren’t hats, but some of my go to summer accessories:

5. A Stylish Headband

I recently got this Parker Clay Headband in our most recent CAUSEBOX (check it out if you’ve never heard of them)! I’ve been wearing it everyday. It’s a simple accessory that makes me look like I put in the extra effort in the morning. Lazy girl win!

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6. Spin Pins (used in above photo)

I don’t know how I ever used anything else to put my hair up in a bun. Although it doesn’t give you tons of volume, these are super simple to use and keep your hair up all day. Trust me, if you haven’t tried them yet, they will make your life so much easier!

What types of hats do you like wearing?
What do you have in your summer essentials?

xoxo esther

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