Sampling Las Vegas Fitness Classes with ClassPassPin

Sampling Las Vegas Fitness Classes with ClassPass

Have you heard of ClassPass? If you’re anything like us, we have a hard time sticking to any particular workout schedule or routine. Partly because anytime we do get into one, we travel and end up dropping the ball. Or we just get bored. I heard about ClassPass through a friend of mine who started using it for a few months in the Bay Area. At the time it was only available in SF, and I was envious. I love trying new classes but don’t like paying the expensive one off class fees.

Months later I was happy to hear that they had expanded to Vegas too! The way it works is that you get access to some of the best studios in your city for one monthly membership. You essentially get a membership to a bunch of gyms with one pass. That means you can cycle, yoga, box, barre, bootcamp, dance… you can do it all! During this past month, we checked out four different studios:

Shine Alternative Fitness

Started by Cirque du Soileil performers, they focus on what they call ‘The Art of Fitness’. You have a lot of fun, and it’s a beautiful way to stay in shape. I did the Aerial Silks Level 1 class while my girlfriends were in town. When else do you get a chance to be instructed by Cirque performers?

Aerial Silk Classes Las Vegas at Shine Alternative Fitness with Classpass.Pin


The Body Bar(re)

With multiple locations in Vegas, Barre seems to be a trend that is all over the nation. Focused on precise movements to strengthen the muscles, the workout is a lot harder than it looks. We took the (Re)shape-Classic Mixt Barre class and definitely felt the burn! I dragged Jacob with me, and he was the only guy in the class, but you could tell he was struggling through the exercises too. If you do plan on taking the class, I recommend getting these socks, otherwise it’s really slippery!

Body Barre Las Vegas Gym with ClassPass.PinThe Body Barre Las Vegas Gym with ClassPass.Pin


SurfSET Las Vegas

SurfSET Las Vegas offers really unique classes on surfboards. It adds a whole new element to exercises you already know and introduces you to new ones. We actually visited SurfSET Las Vegas for a couple of classes. We started with their Balance Session, and did their Blend Session a week later. The Balance Session is a great introduction class that gets you more comfortable on the board and the Blend Session kicked our butts with more cardio and strength involved. BEST AB WORKOUT EVER!

Surfset Las Vegas Gym.Pin


Big Cat Boxing

The last studio we checked out was the Big Cat Boxing Gym. As we walked in to meet Dion, The Big Cat, he told us that training with him for 6 weeks will get you in the best shape of your life. After our first workout, I believe it! We did the Tone Tuesday workout and got our butts kicked in the best way possible. Also, if you’re a germ-a-phobe like me, bring your own wraps. These are the ones I have.

Big Cat Boxing Classes with ClassPass Las Vegas.PinBig Cat Boxing - Sampling Las Vegas Fitness Classes with ClassPass.Pin

We’ve had a lot of fun checking out different studios and hope to check out more. The best part of this is that when we travel to a participating city, we can check out gyms there too! Check out the full list here.

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Would you try Classpass?
Do you follow workout trends?
What’s a workout you’ve been wanting to try?

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