New Foster Kitten: Max

Meet Max. He’s a curious and adventurous little one. He acts a lot like Mika, who is practically a dog in a cat’s body. We’ve been calling him MJ (Mika Junior), Russell, and whatever random names that seems fitting for the time until we finally landed on Max. We’ve been fostering him since two Friday’s ago, and our home is turning into a temporary shelter. We’re trying not to get too attached since I’m sure he’ll find a new home soon.

[ UPDATE: July 12, 2012 He’s adopted! ]

They are so stinkin’ cute together when they can get along. It’s funny how cats with similar personalities have a hard time getting along. Happy Father’s Day Mika! Since you are fixed, we gave you the gift of children. :)

Mini Me | Cat photography

We found a orange tabby kitten who was hungry and without a home on May 31st and ended up fostering him for a little over a month. It was a bittersweet when he was adopted this past weekend. We got pretty attached to Max but realized having three cats in one home was too much for us. We’re glad he was able to find a loving home and glad we documented his kittenhood while he was with us!

2012.05.31 / when we brought max home

Max | Cat Photography | Foster Kitten 2012.5.31

Found this little guy today! He needs a home.

Max | Cat Photography | Foster Kitten 2012.5.31


Max | Cat Photography | Foster Kitten 2012.06.01


Max | Cat Photography | Foster Kitten 2012.06.11

Max | Cat Photography | Foster Kitten 2012.06.11


Max | Cat Photography | Foster Kitten 2012.06.18

Max | Cat Photography | Foster Kitten 2012.06.19

Max | Cat Photography | Foster Kitten 2012.06.19

Max | Cat Photography | Foster Kitten 2012.06.19


Max | Cat Photography | Foster Kitten 2012.06.25


Max | Cat Photography | Foster Kitten 2012.07.05

2012.07.08 / max is adopted!

Just said our goodbyes to max. He got adopted today.

If you want to foster a kitten, here are some of our tips for successful fostering.

What You Need to Know Before You Get a Foster Kitten

Before you start fostering, here are some things you need to consider:

  • Is everyone in your family or household ready for kittens? You need to have space for them that’s safe, easy to clean. If you have other animals, you need to be able to quarantine them and make sure they have all their shots before you slowly introduce them.
  • What does your schedule look like? If the kittens are really young, think of it like taking care of any other baby. You may need to be available every couple hours.
  • Do you have the tools you need to care for the kitten? It’s helpful to be in touch with others who have already fostered kittens before. You can also talk to someone at your local shelter.

What You Need

  • They need their own space where they can be quarantined from other animals. It needs to be climate controlled and also kitten proof. Think of all the things they could fall into or get stuck in.
  • A heating pad set on low and a blanket.
  • Litter box with non-clumping litter. If they are really small, a shallow litter box so they can’t get stuck. Place them in the box, so they can learn to use it asap.
  • Shallow water dish with water and wet kitten food if they are weaned. If they are not weaned, you may need to bottle feed them kitten formula. Do not try to feed them other food or milk.

Here are more tips for taking care of cats and for more adorable photos, follow our catventurers on instagram.

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